New $1 Oblivion DL casts spells

Extra content for PC, Xbox 360 RPG game available; Spell Tomes adds spells to random treasures.


Being a spellcaster in Bethesda Softworks' The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion can get a little pricey. Acquiring new magic can cost an arm and a leg through guilds. Today, the developer announced that sorcerers can expand their library of spells through the game's random treasure generator for just $1 on the PC and Xbox 360. The new download, Spell Tomes, adds books with "wondrous and powerful magic spells," to randomly generated loot picked off of fallen foes or treasure chests. Spell Tomes for the PC requires version 1.1.511 to work.

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nothing for ps3 yet so sad...

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O.K. I downloaded this because I had 80 extra points that I had nothing to do with. Now Ive been through one of each type of dungeon that it says you find the spell tomes in and I havn't found a single FREAKING ONE! I completely cleared out those dungeons too! Is there somthing Im doing wrong? How do you find these spell tomes anyway. I bought it with my xbox live character ( of course ) but I never use that character so I'm trying to find the spell tomes on my regular off line account. As long as it is saved on you hard drive it should work on all user profiles right? All the other expansions I bought for oblivion did... SOMEONE help me ( dont repy in this comment thread though because there is a high chance I will never look here again please someone send a message directly to me. : thanks

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Oblivion is one of the best games............... but gears beats it :) im hoping to get all the content dowloads for oblivion :D

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I hope someone hacks all these ridiculous add-ons.

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I'm contemplating buying some of these plug-ins (or addons) for my PC Oblivion, but there are so many and I don't want to spend money to buy all of them. Except for the new spell tomes and horse armor, other plug-ins seemed interesting. What did you guys get that you think it's worth the money you spent?

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Attention all complaining gamers:.....If you don't like the Idea of paying for something that could extend the life and value of your game....wait for it...wait....DON'T BUY THE FREAKIN THING AND SHUT YOUR HOLE!!!

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i don't know why everyone's complaining... one of the things that annoyed me the most about this game was the fact that it is incredibly hard to get new spells. In every other rpg i've ever played, new spells came as you leveled up, or if you completed a certain quest you would get a new spell. You never had to buy them. It makes sense to buy armor and weapons, but not really to buy spells. The idea of getting spell books (aka Tomes) and then, conceivably, being able to learn spells from them works within the construct of the game. In the game from that start were one-time-use spells on rolls of paper. So why not in books? The only thing that one has to take into consideration is the fact that this download does seriously alter the basic setup for how magic spells are attained in the game. I have two characters at the moment. The first one used magic almost exclusively as their offensive weapon, but that character didn't really suite how I wanted to play the game. Then I made a second character, and this second one is much more suited to how I want to play the game, but I don't use a lot of magic with this character. I guess one could always use the discovered Tomes as loot to barter in town. Now if I could only remember how many MP's I have... hmmm...

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booo, ive been checking daily to see an announcment about dragonfire castle and then i find out theyve been pissing away there time w/ a few crappy spells? Lets try making something worth our time...

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A couple of the Bethesda pay-for downloads were worth the money. But then you have mods like the horse armor and this that aren't even worth the time to read about. Frankly, I still believe that mods like this should either be free (attached to patches, maybe) or not be made at all. It's a bad precedent, and we're just going to see more and more of this sort of charging for things that used to be free.

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I wouldn't see a game company doing that......................except EA

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"jklobucnik What's so screwy about 'if you don't want it, don't buy it" ? If you buy it then it meant enough to you to spend your $1. There's nothing flawed or screwy about that logic." Thing is plenty of us dont want it and wont buy it , however the actions of plenty others that will buy that stuff have cosnequences and lasting ones ... It will progressively get rid , for everyone , of stuff we used to get for free ... and that unlike many claims didnt cost anything or much to the editor . Plenty dev used freebies to refresh their games , keeping those popular and to make the gamers feel like a part of a community (= more $$$ , the game still being popular a year after its release and still selling) .. now good luck getting free maps and free new units in a hypothetical Warcraft 4 or Starcraft 2 . Anyway somewhere down the road , you'll see games with their minimal features , or released with missing key features , and you'll be given a choice , get the lesser experience from you game , or start giving cash ...

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People, people. Welcome to the "next generation" of XBOX and Windows gaming! Over a year ago, when I heard microsoft discuss the whole idea of "micro-transactions" I knew this would happen. I thought to myself, "great! now they have the technology to charge us for things that we used to get for free! They did not have the technology to do that with the orignal XBOX and XBOX live service, and that is why new maps and upgrades were free. As soon as they saw the potential for grabbing your $$ from this, they pushed out a new console that was capable of charging for these things. $60.00 XBOX games and now pay for upgrades? $50.00 PC games that you have to pay $15.00 per month to play? Welcome to the new generation of gaming. Hope you have alot of $$, because soon gaming will only be a luxury for stuck up movie stars, professional athletes, spoiled rotten rock stars, and rap stars.

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Pretty soon they are gonna sell a game like chromehounds that only comes with a set of legs and a cockpit then you have to buy each weapon, generator, etc for $.50 to a buc. This should be a free update. I am not against microtransitions if they add completely new content to a game. I don't mean a new weapon but new characters, a new continent, new races, a whole different main quest, etc. That would be acceptable.

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The add ons are cool, but i really need take pictures in my XBOX 360. I need something to fly, maybe the old levitation spell or a beast like a dragon or a pegasus =). The price for somethings like those is not a problem, just make iT pleaseee.

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This is a great addition.I just finished the game as a Redguard Acrobat so I did not use magic much at all. Now I am going to play the game agian as a magic user. This 80GP download will save money and boost players' arsenal. Thanks Bethesda!.

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It costs a ton of money to produce a game like this. I for one think that there is nothing wrong with a company trying to make as much as they can off of their intellectual properties. If it was you and you spent 4 years making something, you would think the same. Capitalism - it's a wonderful thing.

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No one is forcing you losers to buy it! The world is populated with babies! Babies, I say!

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So what if it' just books that add to your spellbook, at least Bethesda finally made somemore new content. And seriously, it's only a dollar!!

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It's a dollar people. Come on!!! Thank you Bethesda for more downloadable content.

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lame, pc gets as many free mods as we want, most are better then the ones bethesda puts out

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Well, considering you can create spells once reaching the Arcane University......

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all this downloadable content is dumb

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Bane>>> Word. I liked the Mehrunes Razor plug-in though, a little short, but fun.

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I'll tell you what Bethesda: I'd rather give you a dollar to be able to delete spells from my spellbook, not add more. I'll pass...

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wow. They deserve to be pirated.

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Great, only $1 to add a feature that has been in every role playing game for 15 years!

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This is a sad sad update.......... I'd pay for new things to do but spells? WTF? this is a update patch not an add-on. Your right if things like this continue I'll be paying for patchs to fix bugs in the games next......... they are doing the same thing with chromehounds...... 100 points for one new gun......... they offered 3 free and now charge for them............. thats cheezy too thats what 1.40 or something a gun?

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ooo not a bad little idea i just want them to add new quests

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This new mod is absolutely ridiculous. Bethesda should stop making silly little additions like these and instead work on a full expansion pack just like the ones made for Morrowind.

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Seems like a lot of people are going crazy over these 'micro-transactions' and I do agree that some of them are just plain LAME. But its like anything else in the world, if people don't buy the stupid stuff developers will stop making it. Be smart and buy stuff that is actually worth the money (if any of it actually is) and don't go and spend your hard earned points on alt. uniforms for a foot ball game. Just a thought.

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What's so screwy about 'if you don't want it, don't buy it" ? If you buy it then it meant enough to you to spend your $1. There's nothing flawed or screwy about that logic.

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i guess that's more useful than horse's armor......

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i loved oblivion for 360 then beat it all the way and got all of the achievements i thought it was an awesome game and i stilll do but a friend introduced me to world of warcraft and if you like oblivion then its worth paying 15 dollars a month for wow

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sigh.... we knew that stupid horse paint , was only opening doors for plenty other stupids things ... And please apologic guys , dont rush to defend your "if you dont want it , dont buy it" screwy logic . We all know that the more people buy that crap , the fewer the choices get for those not interested . In the long road , things that used to be free and a given in games , will just become extras with fees . You know that a greedy company like EA will gladly supress someday the alternatives uniforms from their soccer , football and basket games , so they could sell it instead , in packs or individual items . And i wont even blame them , its that damn easy , when players feed themselves lies about needing to finance the creation of those extras , in top ranking games , and pat their own ego about helping the game industry . Anyway , if Bethesda needs more of my money , just release an addon as usual with maybe once again the option to becomes a Werewolf , plenty new spells and places . Those claiming that the cost are pretty much the same , ought to do some math ... lets imagine an addon with 5 new horses looks each about 1$ , 15 new locations at 2$ , 40 quest at 1$ each , and 20 new spells at 1$ .. yeah thats a quite cheap addon at 95$ released one piece at a time .. awesome indeed ..

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rip off

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I don't think Bethesda kept this out of the game just to sell it later. The game's been out for a long time now. With something this simple, they would have offered it a long time ago, especially because it mostly benefits lower-level characters. It seems that they just took to heart complaints from the community and added this as a small fix. If you're not a low-level sorcerer, don't buy it. If you are, it's certainly worth $1.

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Hey Surette, If I really wanted a spell bad enough that I thought it cost me, "an arm and a leg." I would just cheat the gold. Come on man. I am not paying a dollar for a spoell

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Want some cheese with your whine? No one's forcing you to buy this content. Think of it as keep the developers working and making great content for great games. How many other role playing games out there do you wish you could keep playing because there is new content? I'll gladly pay three or four dollars every few months to keep enjoying this awesome game.

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Paying for a spell? how long before we have to pay each time we load the game?

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I'm a mage in the game an d can create any spell why do I need this download? And as far as it making the game to easy, I have never even come close to dying in this game.

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I notice alot of compliants about microtransactions and such. Think about games like WoW and ever quest you spend 200$ a year and you still don't own the game. Think about it that is the same thing as this but on alot lower scale because you can play the game and these are addons while for games like those you get the addons but have to pay for them.

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So Jeremy you think that all mmo's are wrong? man I wish i could pay money to be that naive :) Games are really never finished, they are always finished to a degree. If we waited till they were finished.. They'd never come out!

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Yeah, good luck trying to pull that crap on the PC. pirates, anyone?

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I got it, and all the extra quests, I think its a great idea! Chapter 2 for GRAW, awesome. I even think the 'consumables' that will launch in the near future will be cool.

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Paying for half-finished games, and then paying again for them to be 'finished' with extra content and/or bug fixes is wrong.

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Don't you people see that this microtransaction stuff is wrong?? Look at EA and Madden. Use to be you could have alternate uniforms for your teams right out of the box, now they want to charge you cash to download those uniforms!! Eventually we will buy a beta version of a game for $50 and it will end up costing $150 by the time we buy all the stuff!!! If Mel Gibson were a gamer, he would blame the jews I'm sure...

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It may be only a dollar, but the whole microtransaction thing is evil and should be boycottet. It's going to be like buying Warhammer gear..

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I'd rather see them release new quests/dungeons than this. Maybe this is something for someone starting a character, but at level 43 money is not a problem anymore. The spells I can make myself'. I'd rather see some very high level quests where I can apply these extreme skill levels I have.

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go ahead people cry because "it's so expensive", "M$ wants money" WAH WAH BOO BOO

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Sounds like something they should have had to start with like almost every other roleplay game does, but kept it out in order to sell later. Like someone else said, no one is holding a gun to your heads to buy it, but if they keep making profits from con jobs like this then we're going to start getting games with large holes in them and the bare minimum features in order to get us to buy what should have been there originally as 'extras'.