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Mayhem Studios releases new info on its long-overdue PC role-playing game, now also coming to the Xbox. New screens inside.


Mayhem Studios has today released new information on Neverend, which was originally scheduled for release on the PC toward the end of 2002. The role-playing game is now in development for both the PC and Xbox, and, while no publisher has been announced at this time, it is currently slated for a spring 2004 release.

In Neverend, players will assume the role of Agavaen--an ancient fairy with broken wings. Feared and despised by humans, she has been forced to live among thieves, but when their drunken leader turns on her and is killed as a result, it seems that Agavaen's quest to find happiness in the fantasy world of Neverend is far from over.

Like many console-style role-playing games, Neverend will essentially be played using different perspectives for exploring locations, engaging in combat, and navigating the world map. Combat in the game will be played out using an active time battle system that allows characters to fight using a number of different moves, weapons, and special combos. Players will also be able to create their own spells using a rune system, but exactly how this mechanic will be implemented is not clear at this time.

Further information on Neverend is scarce at present, save for Mayhem's claim that it will feature a cute and stunning epic story. For more information on Neverend, check out our previous coverage of the PC version of the game.

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