Neverend goes Dusk2Dawn

Mayhem's PC role-playing game will be first title published by newcomer Dusk2Dawn Interactive.


Bratislava-based Mayhem Studios has announced that its upcoming PC role-playing game, Neverend, will be published by Dusk2Dawn Interactive, a neophyte one-man publishing house located in Derbyshire, England.

Mayhem has been working on Neverend for at least three years now and has currently scheduled the game to appear on the PC this fall. Though Dusk2Dawn scooped up the publishing rights to the PC version, the Xbox version of the game remains without a publisher.

Neverend is a console-style role-playing game. The player will be able to guide main character Agavaen toward good or evil, as seen in games such as Microsoft Game Studios' Fable and BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Developer Mayhem Studios is best known for its turn-based strategy PC game Empire of Magic, which was brought to American PCs in 2003 by Nebraska-based Summitsoft Entertainment.

Neverend will be the first project undertaken by Dusk2Dawn Interactive.

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