NeverDead awakening this winter

E3 2011: Konami attaches year-ending cusp window to Rebellion-developed, immortality-themed third-person action game for PS3, 360.


Information on NeverDead has been mostly buried since Konami unveiled the third-person action game at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. One year on, and NeverDead has begun to stir, with Konami attaching a broad winter release window to the game as part of its 2011 pre-E3 press conference.

Bryce has a way of a losing his head.
Bryce has a way of a losing his head.

NeverDead is in development at Oxford, England-based Rebellion Software, and production is being led by Metal Gear veteran Shinta Nojiri. The game tells the story of fallen demon-hunter Bryce who, after being defeated by an archdemon and losing his wife in the battle, is turned into an immortal.

Bryce's immortal status factors heavily into gameplay, as players will frequently find themselves without arms, legs, or a head as they progress. To halt the impending demon invasion, Bryce has been equipped with a "butterfly-inspired sword," a cache of guns, and his unique regenerative powers.

NeverDead is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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