Neverdead arising on PS3, 360

E3 2010: Konami, Rebellion team on horror-themed third-person action adventure featuring swords, guns, regeneration; release date TBA.


LOS ANGELES--In advance of its 2010 Electronic Entertainment press conference yesterday, Konami announced a handful of new titles. These ranged from Kinect titles, such as DanceMasters and Adrenalin Misfits, to downloadable wares like Hard Corps: Uprising. However, the publisher apparently saved one of its meatier reveals for the press conference itself.

Dead is apparently just a state of mind.
Dead is apparently just a state of mind.

Konami today announced Neverdead, an all-new property heading to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The third-person action adventure is in development at Rebellion, which released Aliens vs. Predator to tepid reviews in February. Also contributing to the project will be Konami veteran Shinta Nojiri, a veteran of Kojima Productions' Metal Gear franchise.

As the story goes, Neverdead's world fell to a demonic threat centuries before the game picks up. However, for reasons as-yet-unstated, the demons created an immortal hero before receding back into the ether. With the demons now having returned, the hero is charged with defending the land, equipped with a "butterfly-inspired sword," a cache of guns, and unique regenerative powers.

The publisher's press event also offered a trailer for Neverdead, one that begins with a scene from what appears to be a postapocalyptic-looking metropolis. As a man and a woman stroll through the city, he recounts to her a fairly obnoxious story. That is, until he is decapitated by a beast that crashes through a wall. Unfazed, the disembodied head makes a glib remark, which is then followed by a gameplay montage.

Konami did not announce an expected release window for Neverdead.

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