Netflix's The Witcher Trots Out Its Very Good Horse, Roach

Who's a pretty pony?

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Netflix provided a first look at some of the major characters in its TV adaptation of The Witcher recently, but one notable absence stuck out: Roach, Geralt's trusty steed, was nowhere to be found. Ahead of the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con panel on The Witcher, where we're likely to learn and see more from the series, the studio has now remedied that oversight with a new photo that shows Geralt riding Roach. [Update: The first Witcher footage and trailer have premiered during the show's Comic-Con panel.]

The tweet showing the photo also provides another look at Geralt, including a detailed look at his layers of armor. It all looks like it could have been pulled straight out of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Take a look below.

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Roach matters more for Witcher authenticity than just the riding, though. As many fans of the series noted, the first shot of Geralt showed him carrying one sword, rather than two. In Wild Hunt, he carries both a steel sword for fighting human foes, and a silver one for fighting against monsters. In other fiction, though, monster encounters come up infrequently enough that Geralt leaves the silver sword with Roach and he only equips it when necessary. That has led to speculation that this first season of the series could include details on how he starts to carry the weapon, and this shot of Roach--who doesn't seem to be carrying a second sword--would support that theory.

We still haven't been given a release date for the Witcher TV series, but Netflix has confirmed it will be sometime this fall. We're likely to hear much more about the show, including a possible release date, at its aforementioned SDCC panel on July 19. Check out everything we know and expect to come from San Diego Comic-Con.

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Avatar image for ganondorf77

"The first shot of Geralt showed him carrying one sword, rather than two", any true fan knows why is that. People saying something about that were just morons moaning. Geralt is not that bad. I am worried about the other characters, those feel lame.

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OMG only 1x sword... Netflix subscription CANCELLED

Avatar image for craigtl

@5tu88sy: This does not follow the Witcher video game, this is based on the short stories. In those, the silver sword is always stored on Roach and only used when absolutely needed. So there is no need for him to add the weight to his person at all times if seldom used.

Avatar image for openmind23

Maybe the first episode will mirror the start of The Witcher 3... Geralt stops to investigate something nearby, getting off his horse and collecting various things. Roach then starts to get pestered by drowners and Geralt then runs after him at top speed, only to run straight into a water hag. Severely injured, he retreats, cramming grapes, apples and baked potatoes down his throat to gain vitality back. Taking cover in an abandoned village nearby, he leans up an old barn door, which gives way. Falling into the barn itself, Geralt comes face to face with a an old chest and an angry wraith guarding it... Sadly Roach has his silver sword back at the swamp :)

Avatar image for cherub1000

@openmind23: dude, keep going I wanna know what happens next?!?!

Avatar image for openmind23

@cherub1000: Geralt scrambles backward as the wraith rises up and glides towards him, causing a rush of wind and blowing a shitload of hay into Geralt's face, obscuring his sight... Geralt rolls backwards and back onto his feet and clears his face madly with his hands. He looks up and all around but the wraith has vanished... Standing silently still, he listens and uses his Witcher senses to the full, waiting... He creeps slowly towards the chest inside the barn, which is now slightly open from the howling winds of the wraith. He knees down and leans towards it, reaching out slowly with his hand... He grasps the top and slowly opens the lid fully. Geralt leans further and peers inside... Before he can see properly, there is a huge crash outside and Roach races past the open barn door. Geralt gets to his feet and starts to run towards the doorway, only to be knocked back by a rush of wind. He looks down the long barn and into the darkness with his Witcher eyes, clearly seeing the wraith take physical form again. Geralt casts a yrden sign at his feet and then races out the door, running parallel to the wall of the barn he hears the scream of the wraith get caught with his cast sign, now severely angered... Geralt finally makes it to Roach and grabs his silver sword from the saddle bag. Suddenly a huge explosion as the rear door of the barn is disintegrated with shards of wood flying everywhere, the wraith glides fast towards Geralt with a malice never seen before... Geralt races towards it with no fear and sword in hand, with a look on his face that foretells the whole upcoming battle...

The wraith is dead... Geralt staggers back towards the barn and finally looks within the old dusty chest. He finds a bottle of Erveluce and a handfull of crowns... He couldn't be happier... He walks out of the barn counting his coin, he leans up Roach and starts to drink his bottle of wine, whilst watching a coming storm draw nearer...

Avatar image for cherub1000

@openmind23: why have I been watching iZombie on netflix when this guy is writing stories like this! Yes mate, yes!!!!

Avatar image for openmind23

Some good shows on there though. On Amazon Prime video I watched Chernobyl which is a very good mini series. Worth a watch for sure if you like depressive stuff lol :)

Of further note, I do hope that this upcoming Witcher series does the franchise justice. I think Henry is good actor, but whether this is the right role for him, we shall have to wait and see. He does look the part though :)

Avatar image for cherub1000

@openmind23: just finished Chernoybl and yes, it was as fantastic as it was shocking!

Avatar image for LordCrash88

Roach does carry the silver sword in that shot. You can see the pommel on the right side if you look carefully enough.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

I was expecting them to cast a Camel as Roach.

Avatar image for d3ad2fall88

His head just seems so.... big.

Avatar image for Icarian

And again Hollywood does it. Witcher games are among one the most realistic depictions of medieval world, but it seems that the series goes with the common trope. Everyone is wearing dark colors and is filthy.

Avatar image for Super_Tramp

@Icarian: Witcher games are among one the most realistic depictions of medieval world.


Avatar image for Icarian

@Super_Tramp: I mean clothing, armor, buildings things like that.

Avatar image for consolehaven

He's better suited for the role than I imagined originally. Good luck Mr. Cavill!

Avatar image for sabredj

It looks like all the early angst may have been for naught (imagine that), now that each promo release looks better and better. Coupled with the rumor from the noted insider on Twitter ( and this is looking like it might be very good. Fingers crossed....

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@sabredj: Netflix is so crappy when it comes to renewing and cancelling shows though. Season 3 could end on a big cliff hanger with no continuation afterwards, Season 1 will either be a complete disaster and viewership for season 2 will plummet leading to a cancellation. OR against all odds it may be good but I'm skeptical.

Avatar image for mrdinghat

Wow, they managed to get something right?

Avatar image for jsprunk

The horse is fine. Cavill looks ridiculous.

Avatar image for consolehaven

@jsprunk: I respectfully disagree. In most shots that haven't been photoshopped to 'perfection' he seems well suited for the role in my opinion, landing much closer to the character in Witcher 3 than I imagined he would. Anyways, I'm giving this series a fair shot.

Avatar image for esqueejy

@consolehaven: That's probably because Geralt really has very little personality and Cavil is actually a plywood board with a face crayoned onto it, so he's able to capture that sort of non-personality stoicism of Geralt perfectly.

Avatar image for jsprunk

@esqueejy: LMAO...oh god that was perfectly worded!

Avatar image for nikolistary

Asschin of Rivia

Avatar image for y_m_o_

@nikolistary: illegitimate child of Kirk Douglas maybe? lol

Avatar image for altairdarius

Other than the cat eyes, a witcher was noted in the books from carrying the two swords in the back. It does not make sense to start Gerald’s journey without the silver sword or worst aiming to acquire it. Although I remembered that the first “monster” that Gerald killed was indeed a man. Maybe this one will be more of a origin story that I am thinking. Either way I am hoping that this will be a series without heavy flashbacks since those tends to exhaust the story-telling.

Avatar image for craigtl

@altairdarius: In the short stories the silver coated sword was always sheathed on Roach's saddle. Only used when needed.

Avatar image for aross2004

@altairdarius: Geralt most certainly did not carry two swords on his back at all times.

Avatar image for normanislost

@aross2004: he stored his silver sword on his horse when not hunting