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Netflix's Space Force: First Trailer For Steve Carell's Streaming Comedy Arrives

Carrell plays a general who is put in charge of a new defence project in the upcoming Netflix comedy.


Space Force is a new Netflix comedy, which features The Office star Steve Carell as a four-star general who is put in charge of the newly-created Space Force defence project, with Friends' Lisa Kudrow as his long-suffering wife. The show arrives next month and the first trailer has now been released.

The trailer sets up the basic premise, in which General Mark R. Naird is recruited to run Space Force, despite clearly thinking it's a terrible idea with a stupid name. Things quickly go wrong, with exploding rockets and opposition from members of congress who see the project as a huge waste of money. It looks like a funny mix of topical satire and workplace laughs, and it's great to see Carrell back in a prominent comedy role. Check the trailer out below.

Space Force has an impressive supporting cast that includes John Malkovich as head scientist Dr. Mallory, Ben Schwartz as Air Force Secretary Scarapiducci, and Silicon Valley's Jimmy O. Yang as Dr. Chan Kaifang. There are also roles for Fred Willard, Jane Lynch, Noah Emmerich, and Diana Silvers.

Space Force Season 1 consists of 10 episodes, and it hits Netflix on May 29. The show was created by Greg Daniels, who is known for adapting the UK version of The Office for US audiences.

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