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Netflix's Pokemon Concierge Gets An Exciting Update

It's a go for more episodes of the stop-motion series.


Pokemon Concierge, Netflix chooses you for more episodes. The stop-motion series will be receiving additional stories in the future after initially debuting December 28 on the streaming service.

The official Netflix account on X (formerly known as Twitter) announced that new episodes are "in production" for the show. It's almost been a year since the unveiling of Pokemon Concierge, which follows a woman named Haru looking after Pokemon at a resort.

The stop-motion animated series started with four episodes that ranged in length from 15-20 minutes. Pokemon Concierge begins with Haru's first day on the job and then sees her befriend pocket monsters like Psyduck, Magikarp, and Pikachu. In November, a trailer for the Netflix show highlighted the adorable and wholesome vibes of Pokemon Concierge before it premiered. Dwarf Studios, known previously for working on the Disney+ series Monsters at Work, is the animation team behind the production.

In addition, a Pokemon Presents livestream was also confirmed for the end of this month. It's possible a teaser for these new Pokemon Concierge episodes could pop up during the digital event February 27. There are also rumors of Pokemon Black and White remakes on the way.

For those unaware, February 27 is National Pokemon Day, as the first games in the franchise--Pokemon Blue and Red--launched on this date in Japan in 1996.

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