Netflix's Ninja Warrior-Like Obstacle Course Show Looks Insane

Ultimate Beastmaster premieres in February.


Netflix has released the first trailer for its upcoming American Ninja Warrior-like obstacle course series, Ultimate Beastmaster, and it looks pretty awesome.

As the video explains, 108 people from six countries will compete in what Netflix says is the "most physically demanding competition the world has ever seen." The course is called The Beast and there will be only one winner, who will receive the title of Ultimate Beastmaster. "No trophies for participation," a line at the end of the video says. Check it out:

As you can see, the course is absolutely massive. According to Entertainment Weekly, at 600 feet long, 80 feet wide, and almost 80 feet tall, it's the largest set ever created for an unscripted TV series. The show is billed as a global event, featuring local languages and hosts for the various competing countries, including the United States, Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Germany, and Japan.

There are 10 episodes, each an hour long, all of which debut on February 24. Each installment will include 12 people, two from each country, trying to complete the course. One "Beastmaster" will emerge from every episode, with the nine winners competing against each other in the finale for the title.

Ultimate Beastmaster is produced by Sylvester Stallone, and Terry Crews is one of the hosts.

In other news, Netflix has announced everything that's coming to and leaving the service in February.

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