Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy Gets Epic New Trailer

The superhero series is slated to hit the streaming service on May 7.


Netflix's next original series Jupiter's Legacy has gotten its first trailer. Based on the comic by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, the first trailer gives fans a much better idea of what we can expect from the show. It's a superhero series that takes a closer look at a family dynamic. But don't worry, there's a lot of epic action moments here as well.

The almost three-minute long trailer for Jupiter's Legacy--which arrives on May 7--features the passing of the torch from one generation of heroes to a younger one. There are a lot of various superheroes and villains packed into this video to get your prepared for the show's launch.

Jupiter's Legacy cast includes Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb as veteran superhero spouses Sheldon and Grace Sampson, Ben Daniels as Sheldon's brother Walter/Brainwave, Andrew Horton and Elena Kampouris as Sheldon and Grace's children Brandon and Chloe, Ian Quinlan as Hutch, and Tyler Mane as the villainous Blackstar. Millar is one of the most-adapted comic creators around, with original stories like Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Kingsman having made it to the big screen previously.

Earlier this week, Millar announced this trailer on Twitter earlier in the week to celebrate the upcoming live-action Netflix adaptation. He revealed a new poster for the show, which dropped a month after first images of the series were released. Check out his to-the-point announcement and accompanying poster below.

"It's part 2001, part Avengers, part Godfather II," said Millar in a recent interview with Empire of the series. Jupiter's Legacy, first published in 2013, was also described by Empire as a "sprawling superhero epic with an almost limitless ambition," with Millar further anteing up by explaining that it's a "50-year story self-contained inside one franchise… [with] 50 or 60 super-characters."

As such, a concise summation of the superhero series seems implausible to even attempt--but the show's official Netflix description explains that the show is about "the first generation of superheroes… as they pass the torch." However, tensions flare and family bonds are tested as "the old rules no longer apply."

Speaking of comics Millar has written being adapted, the Kingsman prequel, The King's Man, was recently delayed again until August 20. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this marked the sixth time that the film had been pushed back.

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