Netflix's History Of Swear Words Is Out Now

If you don't know all the bad words already, you will after watching this show.


Netflix's proudly profane educational series History of Swear Words has landed on the streaming service. While the name alone will likely be enough for people to decide whether it might be up their alley, the fact that Nicolas Cage (doing his best Nicolas Cage impression) hosts should just about sum up everything there is to say about the new show.

Across six episodes all out now, Cage walks viewers through the etymology and societal force of many words we cannot print here, including f***, s***, d***, p****--you get the idea. With equal parts gravitas and the bizarre captivating delivery that only Cage can supply, the actor chews the scenery by shouting and swinging wildly by adding emphasis on even the non-highlighted words in the strangest places. The result is a fourth-wall breaking, tongue-in-cheek show that is funny, weird, and also informative.

Reactions are slowly brewing and accumulating on social media, likely because many are still adjusting to their non-break schedules. Check out some of the standout reactions below. (For those who are in the debating mood, there are a number of threads off the tweet above where people are wondering whether anything can even be considered a swear word anymore.)

Cage's next major project currently in development is one of two planned series inspired by the Tiger King phenomenon. The Oscar-winner Cage is attached to star as the titular tiger park operator who is currently in jail on murder-for-hire charges--if the show moves beyond development, it is expected to premiere on Amazon.

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