Netflix's Grudge TV Show Is Out Now, Here's How To Watch

Streaming horror TV show Ju-On: Origins hit Netflix this weekend. Here's what you need to know.


J-Horror fans, rejoice! The latest entry in the expansive Ju-On franchise, or The Grudge as it's known in English, hit Netflix this weekend and is ready to be binged--if you're feeling in the mood for some deeply disturbing and bleak entertainment, that is. Seriously, this one is not for the faint of heart.

The six-episode series explores the origin story of the curse that sits at the center of the Ju-On franchise. It goes something like this: A house, located in a suburb of Tokyo, was the location of a series of grisly murders that left a sort of supernatural stain, one that was so rancid and evil it infected anyone who so much as set foot within the house. The curse and the house have been dealt with across the 13 different film entries in the Ju-On universe--but Ju-On: Origins puts a different spin on things. It bills itself as being based on the "true" stories that inspired the curse.

Of course, "true" here needs to be taken with a grain of salt--this isn't a true crime thriller or a real-life murder mystery case, and it certainly doesn't pretend to be. Rather, the episodes of the show look at building out the rumors and superstitions that surrounded the Ju-On house in the story's universe. To pull this off, it introduces new characters who have been affected by the house's evil and others who are actively seeking it out after hearing the second-hand stories. Think ghost hunters and psychics, looking to explore a potentially haunted house, despite the warnings.

Told non-chronologically, just like the first Ju-On film from 2000, Ju-On: Origins is the perfect binge for horror fans who love the deeply unsettling, tragic vibes of the franchise. If you prefer skin-crawling slow burns to jump-scares, this is the show for you.

All six episodes of Ju-On: Origins are streaming on Netflix.

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