Netflix's Gaming Push Continues With New Roguelike Based On Kate

A roguelike called Kate: Collateral Damage is coming to Steam on October 22.


Streaming giant Netflix continues to push into the world of video games, and this includes a new game based on the recent action movie Kate starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson.

Kate: Collateral Damage is developed by the Brazil-based Ludic Studios (Arkane, The Keeper, Wind Runners). You play as Kate, an assassin who is seeking revenge against a Yakuza boss. The game is described as a "time-attack action roguelike" that is inspired by the movie.

Launching October 22 on Steam, Kate: Collateral Damage lets you obtain guns and melee weapons like pistols, submachine guns, knives, and katanas on your quest for bloody revenge. Every weapon in the game has "limited ammo," so players need to fight strategically and keep seeking out new ones.

Kate: Collateral Damage also features a time bar at the top of the screen that lets you know how much time you have until the "radioactive poison" kills you. Taking down enemies slows down the timer.

"Stimulant syringes, earned and unlocked through gameplay, can restore the time bar fully upon use, extending your run. They can also passively save you from a killing blow. It's up to you how you consume these syringes to survive," reads a line from the game's description. "Most enemies die from only one or two hits, but similarly, so does Kate. Quick reactions and threat prioritization are essential to survival. Through persistent upgrades and temporary perks earned between levels within runs, you can become more lethal and resilient."

For more, check out the trailer below and see the full Kate: Collateral Damage page on Steam.

Earlier this year, Netflix confirmed plans to get into gaming following the news that it hired former Electronic Arts and Zynga executive Mike Verdu to lead the effort. The company recently rolled out a limited test for gaming in Poland, with the games Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game launching into the Netflix app in the country.

In other news about Netflix, the company recently held its big Tudum event--check out some stories below.

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