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Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Serves Up A Christmas Nightmare With New Special

Sabrina's winter special debuts on December 14.

Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina won't return for its second season until 2019, but the streaming service has a holiday surprise for fans of the witchy series. "A Midwinter's Tale," a special holiday-themed episode of the series arrives on December 13. Unfortunately, for those hoping for a nice and relaxing Christmas with the Spellman family, you're out of luck.

"Although people think that the holiday season is like, a fun time and all that, but for witches it is kind of a perilous time, because it's a time when they kind of need extra protection," Miranda Otto (Zelda) explained during a visit to the show's set. "They have to keep the yule log burning so to protect themselves from spirits that could come into the house."

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Of course, as Lucy Davis (Hilda) added, there's still some holiday joy to be found mixed in with the Sabrina creepiness fans have some to love. "It's really nice, because it's very--it's nice and warm, it's typical Sabrina stuff and some horror stuff, but you also learn a lot about Sabrina's mom," she said.

While the episode promises some information about Sabrina's mother, along with the addition of The Haunting of Hill House alum McKenna Grace playing a young Sabrina, star Kiernan Shipka warned that the special might not have a lot of the answers you're looking for after the conclusion of Season 1.

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"It's in so many ways, a standalone episode," Shipka explained. "It doesn't get too crazy on plot or this or that. It really just kind of focuses in on the characters, and it takes its time. It's super perfect for the holidays."

There will be one lingering story that gets some serious attention in the special, though. You might remember that at the conclusion of Season 1, it was revealed that Zelda (Otto) kidnapped a baby. That's a plot that simply can't be ignored.

"For Zelda, the story is very much about the baby, and having a baby in the house, and her attachment to the baby," Otti teased. "And Zelda is particularly worried because of the baby in the house, and indeed someone does come to try to steal the baby."

As for who's coming to take the baby, that's anyone's guess. When it comes to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, though, nothing is off the table--especially where evil is concerned.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina winter special debuts on Netflix on Friday, December 14. Meanwhile, Season 2 of the series premieres on April 5.

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