Netflix Still Sits Atop The Streaming Throne, According To New Report

Did I just hear Hulu whisper "game on"?


If you've ever wondered how most people are watching TV in the age of streaming, Nielsen has been asking that question too, and the answer appears to be Netflix. Nielsen has released a new study on streaming in the US and even though there are tons of other streaming services out there now, Netflix is still dominating the landscape.

According to the study, Netflix is responsible for 31% of streaming to TVs, followed by YouTube at 21%, then Hulu at 12%, and Amazon at 8%; who knew people used YouTube for something other than Vine compilations.

Every other streaming service, including the newbies like Disney Plus, make up about 28% of the landscape, which is a pretty big slice of the pie, so clearly Netflix doesn't have a complete monopoly on streaming, but it's definitely still the dominant platform.

As the streaming wars rage on, more and more platforms are emerging like Peacock and HBO Max, and as a result, people are having to make decisions about the platforms that they want. The study says that most people subscribe to between one and three streaming services, and most people would rather add a new one than switch out one they already have for another. It seems that even though more and more platforms are out there, people don't want to give up the ones they already have.

Nielsen studies can tell us a lot about what the media landscape looks like, and this one has told us that even though there are a ton of streaming services out there, and more are on the way, Netflix is still king, at least on TV.

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Disclosure: ViacomCBS is GameSpot's parent company

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