Netflix Socks Pause Your Show When You Fall Asleep

However, you need to make them yourself.


Have you ever been watching your favourite Netflix series when, before you know it, you've fallen asleep and missed a couple episodes? Then you should probably get socks that pause your show when you fall asleep.

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Unfortunately, you can't just buy special Netflix-pausing socks. Instead, Netflix posted a page that shows you how to make socks that will detect when you've fallen asleep and pause whatever you're watching. The instructions require a knowledge of knitting, a grasp on electronics and microcontroller programming, and experience with a soldering iron.

Netflix provides designs that you can follow while making them. These designs are based on several Netflix series including Bloodline, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and House of Cards.

The technology that detects whether you're asleep is based on actigraphy, which is a non-invasive method of monitoring human rest and activity cycles. The finished socks will detect when you've stopped moving for a period of time and send a signal to pause the show.

The socks use IR signals, so it won't work with a PlayStation 4, Apple TV, or Roku streaming device. The instructions have Netflix-enabled televisions in mind, but you should be able to program the socks to work with an Xbox One, since it also reads IR signals.

After finishing your socks, Netflix suggests you could go even further by attaching a pulse sensor to detect a change in heart rate.

Netflix recently announced it will double its original programming in 2016. Back in October, the streaming service raised its monthly fee for new subscribers.

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