Netflix Sets New Christmas Week Record Thanks To Bridgerton And We Can Be Heroes

Bridgerton quickly becomes one of Netflix's most popular TV shows ever, helping the platform reach new heights.


Netflix had a very happy holiday. The company has announced new streaming figures for Bridgerton and We Can Be Heroes that combined to give Netflix its biggest-ever viewing week between Christmas and New Year's.

Bridgerton is projected to be seen by 63 million households over its first four weeks, while We Can Be Heroes is on pace to tally 44 million homes over the same period of time. These combine to help Netflix achieve its "biggest viewing week between Christmas and New Year's ever!"

According to Variety, December 2020 and the week of December 25-31 set new records at Netflix for total viewing hours and average view hours for each subscriber.

These are giant numbers and new records at Netlix, but bear in mind that a "view" for Netflix counts when someone watches at least two minutes of a movie or TV show.

With 63 million projected households over its first four weeks, Bridgerton becomes the fourth biggest Netflix original TV show over that period of time. It's only surpassed by Tiger King (64 million), La Casa de Papel S4 (65 million), and The Witcher S1 (76 million).

Bridgerton, which is a period piece based on the Julia Quinn Bridgerton novel series, is the first project from Grey's Anatomy veteran Shonda Rhimes after she signed a nine-figure deal ($100M-plus) with Netlix. We Can Be Heroes, meanwhile, is a spin-off of Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and it's written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

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