Netflix Releases Viewing Metrics For Hit Show Cobra Kai

The streaming service tells us something we already know--that Cobra Kai is popular.


Netflix has released viewing metrics for Cobra Kai, its breakout hit that originally started life on YouTube as a premium offering. It should be noted that the following brags from the streaming service should be read with a healthy amount of skepticism: Netflix generously defines a view of their content as being at least two minutes. Nevertheless, you don't need numbers from Netflix to know that the series is popular.

That said, according to Netflix, the show's recently launched Season 3 is projected to have more than 41 million households in its first 28 days, which is pretty impressive given it debuted on New Year's Day. Netflix says this figure makes it one of the platform's top 10 returning original seasons launched to date--meaning not a first season or a limited series. However, it should be noted that this claim is somewhat confused as Season 3 is the series' first that has debuted on Netflix, so it's hard to compare against how the first two fared on YouTube.

Netflix also says that across the show's three seasons launched so far, 73 million households have watched at least one episode of Cobra Kai. The show has "reached overall in 28 countries and has reached the top 10 overall in 85 countries." The show is among the most popular in Argentina, UK, US, Greece, and Sri Lanka.

In related news, a new documentary about Karate Kid star Pat Morita is due out on February 5. More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story digs into why the Japanese-American actor was able to break through so many barriers in an earlier Hollywood landscape that wasn't always known for inclusion.

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