Netflix Releases Trailer For Outrageous Eric Andre Prank Comedy Bad Trip

The film will hit the streaming service on March 26.


Netflix has released a trailer for Bad Trip, an upcoming "hidden camera prank comedy [where] two best friends bond on a wild road trip to New York as they pull real people into their raunchy, raucous antics." That might not sound like an incredibly enticing synopsis, except for the fact that the film's cast of Eric Andre, Lil Rey Howery, Tiffany Haddish, and Michaela Conlin means that the hidden camera comedy will go to some pretty outrageous places.

In the film, Chris Carey (Andre) and Bud Malone (Howery) steal the latter's sister's car for a road trip. Sister Trina Malone (Haddish), who is in prison, hears about this and escapes to hunt the pair down. It, like the Borat films before it, are a loose skeleton for a ton of set-piece stunts where the comedy is derived from getting unsuspecting onlookers involved in some absurd situations. Check out the trailer below for a sense of what to expect.

Previously due for a theatrical release in 2020, the film had been done for quite a while before finding a home at Netflix. In a 2019 Esquire interview, the magazine called the film Andre's "demon baby," with the actor himself describing it as full of "high stakes pranks where violence is involved and getting arrested [is] a probable outcome." In that piece, Andre also indicates the film was screened for Borat himself, Sacha Baron Cohen (who recently announced he's hanging up the gray suit for good), for feedback before finalizing the picture.

Bad Trip is expected to hit Netflix later this month on March 26.

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