Netflix on Nintendo probability is 'excellent' - CEO

Company's top exec Reed Hastings expresses optimism over native video-streaming app tailored for game company.


Technically, Wii owners have been able to access Netflix's digital library since August, by way of the premium third-party application PlayOn. However, the console has yet to receive a native application similar to the one introduced to the Xbox 360 in November 2008 and the PlayStation 3 in November 2009. Still, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has expressed confidence that the video rental company's online catalogue will eventually be on all game consoles.

Of course, the Wii can't play Netflix's DVDs, either.
Of course, the Wii can't play Netflix's DVDs, either.

As part of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, Hastings again addressed the issue of Netflix on game consoles. Speaking to All Things Digital and reported by Engadget, Hastings expressed optimism over the prospects of a native application on a Nintendo platform.

"What about getting on Nintendo? What are your chances?" All Things Digital's Franz Kafka asked. "Our chances are excellent," Reed responded.

Hastings did not specifically note that the Netflix application would be available for the Wii. However, in July, Netflix hired John Funge to head up its game platforms division. Funge's hire was notable because he had previously held a lead research position at AiLive, a company that cocreated the Wii MotionPlus hardware and other Wii development tools.

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