Netflix Is Rolling Out Top 10 Most Watched Lists In More Regions

See the top 10 movies, TV shows, and overall figures.


Netflix is rolling out a new feature into more territories after successful testing in the UK and Mexico. The streaming service is reporting that, for the first time, many users will be able to track which shows are getting the most views in their region.

The lists, which will update daily, will give you three figures--the 10 most watched TV shows, most watched movies, and the overall top 10 most watched pieces of media. According to Netflix, "The position of the row will vary depending on how relevant the shows and films are to you." If the top 10 does not correlate with your taste, this could mean that it'll be quite far down on the site's interface for you.

Shows and movies that are appearing in the top 10 will also have a badge on their icons, denoting their popularity. This feature has rolled out in some countries now, but Netflix has not provided a list of where they are available. The list is not currently available on Australian Netflix, for example.

Netflix has recently been slightly more open about its viewership figures, boasting, for instance, of The Witcher's incredible debut. However, they also recently changed how viewership is tracked, and watching something for two minutes now counts as one view.

Fans of Castlevania will likely want to keep an eye on Netflix, as season 3 of the show will be available on March 5.

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