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Netflix Is Dumping Its First Original Series In November

Lilyhammer first joined Netflix as its first Original in 2012.


Netflix is apparently dropping its first Netflix Original series, Lilyhammer, this November, due to its license to stream it in the US expiring.

As reported by IndieWire, come November you won't be able to watch Lilyhammer anymore, which while it isn't biggest Netflix Original, it is the first. Though it technically isn't an Original at all, as it was a licensed show that originally aired on Norwegian broadcast channel TV NRK. The show's US streaming license expires on November 20, meaning you will no longer be able to watch it following that deadline.

Lilyhammer first aired on the service February 26, 2012, and went on to run for three seasons, wrapping up in 2014. At the time of its launch, over a decade ago now, Netflix only had 23 million subscribers, but it now sits at 223.1 million, a literal increase of 200 million in that time.

Netflix has been struggling in the past year, as it reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers in April, and later reported a further loss of one million subscribers, even in light of the at the time recently released Stranger Things Season 4. The streaming service has bounced back recently though, as it's gained 2.4 million subscribers in the past three months.

It also expects to continue to grow in the fourth financial quarter, but doesn't expect its upcoming ad tier to provide any immediate gains. This upcoming ad tier, launching November 3, will cost $7 a month, and will obviously include ads, something that was a key benefit of subscribing to the service in the first place. There will be some other restrictions too, as some shows and movies won't be available at this tier, and you'll only be able to view everything in 720p resolution.

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