Netflix Is Bringing Immortality To Mobile

The port to iOS and Android is coming "very soon."


Alongside today's launch, developer Half Mermaid announced that its new game Immortality will be coming to Mobile in collaboration with Netflix.

Half Mermaid did not clarify a release date, but did say the mobile version would come "very soon." The official Half Mermaid Twitter account tweeted that the team is "taking some extra time on our mobile release to ensure it's the best possible experience for Netflix members around the world." The team also announced an eventual Mac version, which will be releasing "as soon as we can get it to you!"

Like writer/director Sam Barlow's previous games, Immortality is based around scrubbing full motion video clips to piece together a broader mystery. In this case, the mystery concerns the fictional actress Marissa Marcel, who disappeared after producing just three films. Players scrub through scenes from the films and other related footage to try and discover Marcel's ultimate fate.

Immortality released today, August 30, 2022, on Xbox Series X and PC; you can also play the game via Game Pass. Whether you are curious about the game or are waiting for it to release on the platform of your choice, you can check out the GameSpot review. Reviewer Mark Delaney gave Immortality an eight out of ten, saying "It's similar to its predecessors, Telling Lies and Her Story, in some key ways, but more thought-provoking, too, and certainly more unnerving than you'll be prepared for."

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