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Netflix Hints At Fortnite X Stranger Things Crossover Before Season 3

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Fortnite is about to get even Stranger.

As promised, Netflix has video game plans to detail at E3 2019 earlier this month. The streaming entertainment company announced one new game, but indicated that we'll see some crossover much sooner than that. Fortnite is going to get some Stranger Things flavor, seemingly near the launch of the show's Season 3, which starts very soon.

"We've been really busy over the past year, making new friends and we have a number of projects coming out," Netflix director of interactive games Chris Lee said. "You guys may have seen, in Fortnite Season 9 we had a Scoops Ahoy from Stranger Things show up in the mall there. So there's a bit more behind that in a few weeks."

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Scoops Ahoy is the ice cream parlor that has appeared in trailers for Season 3 of Stranger Things, and Fortnite fans took note of its appearance in the game. Lee's comments seem to indicate that was just a teaser for a larger crossover event, and the mention of a few weeks would align it with the new season's launch on July 4.

Lee also noted the company has "a few other projects" in the works for this year, with the implication that these are partnerships similar to the Fortnite one.

The company also announced a new original game coming in 2020. Next Games out of Finland is working on another Stranger Things adaptation, this one an RPG-puzzle mobile game with location-based mechanics. The studio has previously worked on licensed mobile games based on AMC's The Walking Dead series.

Many of these first games are based on Stranger Things, with the lone exception being the recently revealed Dark Crystal game. This could be because opening up its shows to video game adaptations is a fairly recent development. The panel told the story of realizing Stranger Things was "a phenomenon" and exploring merchandising opportunities for the first time, and finding games development to be one avenue.

Another Stranger Things game, this one a retro action-RPG, has already been announced to launch alongside Season 3. The panel revealed two more characters for the game, Max and Eleven.


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