Netflix Greenlights Sequel To Will Smith's Bright, Even If The World Didn't Like It

Everyone is returning except writer Max Landis.


When it comes to Bright, the future seems bright. The Netflix original movie that premiered on December 22 has already been given a sequel with director David Ayer and the cast returning.

If you've paid attention to the critical consensus of Bright, that may come as a bit of a surprise. With a Metacritic score of 29, the film set in a present-day world where humans interact with fantasy creatures has been almost universally panned. "From the director of Suicide Squad and the writer of Victor Frankenstein comes a fresh slice of hell that somehow represents new lows for them both," IndieWire's David Ehrlich says in his review.

Still, even the bad reviews can't slow the film down. According to Netflix, which is notorious for not releasing actual viewing numbers, Bright is the number one movie on the service in every country. It's also "one of the biggest" originals on the streamer. That's as close as Netflix will get in terms of disclosing how many people actually watched the movie, though.

According to Netflix, stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are expected to return for the sequel, which has no release date. There will be one major change on the creative side, though. Max Landis, who wrote the first film, will not be back. In his place, Ayer will handle writing duties, in addition to directing. Previously, he's written the scripts for Suicide Squad, End of Watch, and Training Day, among other films. Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless will be returning as producers.

While there's no telling when Bright 2 will arrive on Netflix, the streaming service has already tested its release with a short video of "orc auditions" that you can watch above.

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