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Netflix Games Showcase: New Titles From Downwell, Monument Valley Devs And More

Netflix is creating video game adaptations of its popular shows, publishing original games from notable indie devs, and bringing previously released games like Spiritfarer to its own platform.


Netflix is celebrating Geeked Week right now and to finish out the weeklong showcase, Netflix teamed up with Geoff Keighley to share an impressive selection of games coming to Netflix’s gaming platform like one based on The Queen's Gambit, Lucky Luna from the creator of Alto's Odyssey, and Poinpi from the creator of Downwell. These are games that you find within Netflix’s mobile streaming app--there is a section dedicated to game--but you play the actual games outside of Netflix’s app. Netflix’s games also do not include ads or microtransactions and are included as part of your Netflix subscription. Here are the games Netflix shared that are on the way, as well as one that is already available now.

Shadow And Bone Destinies

Based on the Netflix fantasy series, Destinies is a narrative RPG with roguelike elements. You make various decisions to decide your fate over the course of the game, which is being developed by Chimera Entertainment.

Too Hot To Handle

The reality dating game show is getting an adaptation from developer Nanobit. The game, a dating sim, follows the same rules as the TV show and will feature innuendo, plot twists, and romance.

La Casa De Papel

Developed by Killasoft, the La Casa De Papel game is an action third-person stealth and heist game. It will feature safe-cracking, lock-picking, shooting sequences, heists going wrong, and a stealth game staple: vent crawling.

The Queen’s Gambit Chess

Developer Ripstone is creating a fully featured chess game based on the show (featuring the likeness of Princess Peach herself, Anya Taylor-Joy) that will include online play and a story. Characters from the show teach you how to play chess while you play in various familiar locations like Beth’s house, Beth’s orphanage, and Las Vegas. In terms of release, all that was offered was a vague “coming soon”.

Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna is an original game from developer Snowman. Snowman created the gorgeous endless runner, Alto's Odyssey, but this game makes the player move downward instead of left to right. The story is based on the classic story, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, and follows a character as they make their way down a deep labyrinth. There is no jump button so you must fall off ledges while dodging various obstacles. The game is releasing this summer and will also include an endless mode and challenge modes alongside the story mode.

Desta: The Memories Between

Desta is described a mix between Hades, the movie Inception, and dodgeball. It is being developed by the USTwo, the studio behind Minument Valley. The game is turn-based puzzle tasking the player with bouncing a ball around an environment while digging into a story about broken relationships and family issues. Desta: The Memories Between launches later this year and will also feature some rogue elements.


Arguably the most exciting announcement from the show is the new game from the creator of Downwell and publisher Devolver Digital. In the game you leap and climb upward dodging bad guys and outrunning a giant blue beast. You also feed the blue beast various collected fruits while making your way upward. The game is available today through Netflix. You can read more about Poinpy here.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures

This original match-three game tasks players with playing puzzles to help a collection of cute animals rebuild their homes. The game will be available later this month and will feature a variety of environments and animals.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms, Terra Nil, Raji: An Ancient Epic, and Spiritfarer

Alongside all those new games, Netflix also revealed it is bringing previously released games to its mobile games platform. Partnering with Devolver, Reigns: Three Kingdoms and Terra Nil will be be making their mobile debutes via Netflix.

Raji: An Ancient Epic will also be making its mobile debut by way of Netflix later this year, as will Spiritfarer from Thunder Lotus games.

All of these games will be available soon without ads or microtransactions and be included as part of your normal Netflix streaming subscription.

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