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Netflix Created A User Interface for Oculus Rift

Is this what the future looks like?


During a recent Hack Day, Netflix engineers created a special Oculus Rift user interface for its popular streaming service. Is this what the future looks like? Check out the video above to find out for yourself.

As you can see in the video, the Netflix Oculus Rift UI--dubbed "Oculix"--lets the user control the menu using hand and head gesture controls. Movie and TV options "float" through a virtual space and you can tilt your head and raise or lower your hand to scrolls through selections.

Before you get too jazzed up about controlling Netflix in this new way, you should know that Netflix makes no promises about this demo ever becoming a reality. "While we think these hacks are very cool and fun, they may never become part of the Netflix product," the company says.

Other experimental Netflix projects to come out of the company's recent Hack Day included a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix in a mini window (sounds like a great idea!), as well as a hack that uses Philips' "smart" lightbulbs to make your living room's lighting match the movies or TV shows you're browsing or watching. You can see all the Hack Day projects at Netflix's website.

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