Netflix Cancels Marvel's Iron Fist

Over Rand Out.

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Iron Fist has been cancelled by Netflix. It's the first of the streaming giant's Marvel shows to get the chop, only a few weeks after Season 2 premiered on the service.

The news of Iron Fist's cancellation was reported by Deadline, which was given a joint statement by Netlix and Marvel Television. "Marvel's Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix," the statement said. "Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew, and showrunners. We're thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we've shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on."

Iron Fist was one of four initial Marvel shows that were produced by Netflix. But while Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage were well received by critics and fans, the first season of Iron Fist, which was released in March 2017, was met with mostly negative reviews. A new showrunner was brought in for Season 2, and most reviews agreed that it was an improvement over the first season. However, it has not been enough to save the show.

Finn Jones, who starred as Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist), took to Instagram to respond to the cancellation. He wrote: "With every end is a new beginning. I have an enormous amount of love and respect for everyone involved with the last two seasons of this show. Defending the greatest city in the world amongst the most talented and warmest people has been a privilege and a joy. Blessed to have taken this journey and grateful for the ongoing support."

The end of Iron Fist on Netflix isn't necessarily the last we'll see of the character however. The other three original Marvel shows are still continuing--and a second season of The Punisher is due next year--so it's possible that Jones might appear again in another Netflix series.

In addition, Disney is launching its own streaming platform next year, and we already know that new Marvel shows will be part of the content. The rumored series so far are based on characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Loki and Scarlet Witch. However, Deadline states that it was Netflix's decision to cancel Iron Fist, rather than Marvel's, so the character could get a second chance on the Disney service.

In related news, Daredevil Season 3 hit Netflix this week. In his review, GameSpot's Michael Rougeau said the new season has a "much needed laser focus on the characters and stories fans actually care about." Check out the full review here.

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Avatar image for fishnpeas1

Not a massive surprise, the first series felt like Dawsons creek with punching.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

that's good news, actually. maybe they will think twice before assuming that a mediocre project with "marvel" slapped on the project will automatically equate to success. calm down with the superhero fluff already! we have enough as it is!

Avatar image for straightcur

I actually didnt mind season 1. But wow was i bored during episode 1 of season 2. I had no interest in watching the next episode.

That said.... id love to see more Colleen. Damn that girl is hot

Avatar image for Zartan3000

I hope they keep the Danny and Colleen characters from the shows; imagine they will be regulars (particularly in the Luke Cage series...when are they all just going to form Heroes for Hire agency already?) The Meechams, Davos and Rand can disappear into obscurity now I guess....But ever happened to all those Inhumans y'all??? :)

Avatar image for Kesmai

@losixecas: Netflix/Marvel would have had to pay me $87 per episode to watch this series.

Avatar image for OhSnapitz

The series should’ve been canceled after season 1! Blame the Actors.. Blame the writers.. Blame whomever but this was a poor rendition of the IF character. Face facts... some characters simply don’t translate well outside of comic books.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

So with Disney launching their own streaming service next year, shouldn't they be winding down all the Netflix shows? I thought the Disney/Netflix agreement ran out at the end of next year?

Avatar image for Kesmai

@lionheartssj1: That only applies to other Disney movies/shows that debuted outside Netflix. It does not apply to original shows produced for and with Netflix. There is probably a clause that would allow Disney to continue a show (IronFist) on another Network (their own streaming service) if Netflix did not choose to renew it. Sounded like Marvel was ready to go for season 3 so it may be possible but the Disney streaming service is planning to rollout family friendly content first and may not be a fit.

Avatar image for doa2169

Iron Fist has never been a strong enough character to support his own show. He is only ever decent as a team member like in Heroes for Hire or the Team Spidey cartoon version.

Avatar image for ember_to_flame

People disliking first season but liking the 2nd, I don't get it. I think the opposite.

Avatar image for bigdavex

The second season was actually pretty decent. Unfortunately, the first season was such a complete trainwreck I suspect Netflix knew the show would never get out from under its shadow, and so decided to use the second season to set up a Daughters of the Dragon series.

Avatar image for marsdude

Season 1 was great. Haven't seen the second yet, but I expect it'll be a good one.

Avatar image for justthetip

@marsdude: Season one was terrible. This show deserved to be cancelled.

Avatar image for juiceid

The bad guys in iron fist have worse aim than stormtroopers!

Avatar image for superklyph

I only watched season one, and it was TERRIBLE - especially the lead.

Avatar image for ryuburger

@superklyph: Nothing wring with the lead. Danny really comes into his own chi master with Luke Cage during the latters second season

Avatar image for xADx

i never read the comics, but when supporting cast has more screen time than the main character, that is bad. Season one, Danny talked about all the time, how he had to fight a dragon to become the Iron Fist. Season two shows the final fight between two students to fight the dragon, just to see Oprah giving everyone an "iron fist" at the end.

Avatar image for winstondoom

As long as it isn't the Punisher being cancelled I don't care!

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

It was meh.

Jessica Jones and Daredevil feel like they have run their course as well.

End with Fisk, done.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@uninspiredcup: I'm excited for Daredevil S3, and it's still clearly the best series in the Netflix MU library. I think punisher is showing promise as well.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

I enjoyed the first few episodes of the first season but it started to wear thin and I lost interest in the show as Luke Cage I did the same.

Avatar image for straightcur

@lonewolf1044: I didnt make it through season 2 of Luke Cage. And thinking back, i couldnt even tell you a single thing that happened LOL. So bored

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

@lonewolf1044: Luke Cage season 2 actually had a really interesting final.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@uninspiredcup: No it didn’t. Luke Cage is terrible.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

@edwardnygma: You're wrong. It. Is. Good.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@uninspiredcup: Nope it’s terrible.

Avatar image for camou504

They'll probably merge all the key characters into Luke Cage or one of the other shows

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@camou504: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones should be cancelled too.

Avatar image for UrbanMessiah

@camou504: Exactly. Iron Fist isn't a strong enough character for a solo didn't work in the comics, so no surprise it didn't work on the screen. Iron Fist and some of the other characters will do just fine on the Defenders and Luke Cage.

Avatar image for Daian

Just when it got interesting, now I'll never know what the hek that bonus scene was all about.

Avatar image for supamastergamer

Danny Rand was badly cast. The actor had no fighting skills and was not believable has a martial master on a show about a martial art master who fought a dragon. At least the actor playing daredevil looks like he can fight.

Avatar image for ryuburger

@supamastergamer: Right because Charlie Cox never had a stunt double and did all the fighting himself lol. I get what your saying but in fairness Finn Jones barely got any time to prepare since the first season was so rushed.

Not making excuses for it but I think he did the best with what mediocre material he had to work with. I did feel that S2 was definitely a step in the right direction. My main criticism is that the majority of the fight scenes focused too much on Coleen and Davos as opposed to Danny himself

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@supamastergamer: this really is the heart or IF's problem. Danny Rand is one of the most gifted, if not THE most gifted, martial artist in all of the MU.

And in the first season especially, he looks like hes taken maybe a week of beginner shotokan, and that's being generous.

Anyone familiar with IF would have trouble looking past that.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

@Richardthe3rd: That was my main grief with the show. Everything about the character is written as if he had just got to K'un-Lun. Too immature in both demeanor and skill.

Avatar image for Barighm

@Richardthe3rd: To be fair, it can't be easy to find an actor that's strong enough to lead a show AND is a martial arts master.

Avatar image for ryuburger

@Barighm: True that. I think Donnie Yen is one of the finer examples I can think of that can perform the dual act of martial arts and above adequTe acting with ease. The Ip Man movies he did are great examples of that.

Again not to sound like a broken record but I feel if Jones got at least another half year to train up then we definitely would have seen a more hardened, fierce and determined IF than we got from the get go

Avatar image for superdoyle1

@supamastergamer: I heard the actor who plays Daredevil is a method actor and has had trouble getting other roles because he's become used to not looking at a person when talking due to his character being blind.

Avatar image for ryuburger

@superdoyle1: That’s interesting. It was news to me that he is a method actor. I do know how ridiculously hard he trained and prepared for the Daredevil role even going to the point as doing the things you mentioned but never got the impression he did that for his other roles like Boardwalk EMpire or Theory of Everything for example

Avatar image for kanekan-slaugh

It's sad. Iron fist has a great premise, was cast well and would be easy to make a show out of but no they messed up every good story element of the character and started pushing not only an agenda but tired old plots to try and save the show.

Avatar image for waltdawg443

Not surprising. I tried several times to get into this show and just couldn't. Same deal with Luke Cage. I appreciate services like Netflix giving the green light to original scripts since Hollywood seems completely unwilling to anymore, but they need to give it a rest with these Marvel series.

Avatar image for straightcur

@waltdawg443: Why would it be a bad thing for them to keep trying? Some may be good.

Avatar image for reddevilofhell

Finally this shitshow ended. All the worse actors in this show.

Avatar image for realitybites

I actually liked the first seasons story but the casting of the lead actor seem like a miss to me. It was not bad but not good either which is not how your lead should be treated. Haven’t watched season 2.

Avatar image for Barighm

Crap. The show sucked but that bonus scene at the end of season 2...really wanted to see what happened there.

Avatar image for johnny_pay

meh, it wasnt that great anyway, i can see them merging the cast into a different show as support.

Avatar image for ryuburger

@johnny_pay: No doubt we will see some form of Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes for Hire. In the case of the latter that fight scene in Luke Cage S2 is just too badass to pass up!

  • 59 results
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