Netflix Announces Most Popular Movies And Shows Of Q4 2020

Netflix reveals new viewership numbers for some of its most popular TV shows and movies.


As part of Netflix's very strong earnings report that saw the streamer exceed 200 million paid subscribers for the first time, the company also announced new viewership figures for its biggest programs and movies for Q4 2020.

The Crown Season 4 was the biggest season so far, reaching more households than each of the prior seasons, though a specific number was not announced. However, Netflix did say that more than 100 million Netflix subscriber homes have now watched The Crown.

The new Shonda Rhimes show, Bridgerton, was also a success; Netflix said it was "immensely popular." While no streaming numbers were announced, Netflix said it will have "some exciting news" about the show to share later this week.

Moving to films, Netflix's biggest original movie of Q4 2020 was the George Clooney film The Midnight Sky, which reached 72 million homes after its first four weeks. The Glen Keane animated movie Over the Moon was also a big success, reaching 43 million homes over its first four weeks. Netflix said this movie in particular has seen "high levels of rewatching," too.

The Robert Rodriguez film We Can Be Heroes was another bright spot, reaching 53 million homes over its first four weeks. The company's holiday films also performed well during the quarter, with 68 million homes watching Holidate starring Emma Roberts and 61 million homes choosing to view The Christmas Chronicles: Part II with Kurt Russell.

Netflix's first-ever Portuguese language holiday movie, Just Another Christmas, reached 26 million homes worldwide after its first four weeks.

It's worth bearing in mind that these numbers come directly from Netflix and not an independent tracking service, and some people have raised concerns about how view counts are measured.

For Q4 2020, Netflix made $6.6 billion in revenue and a profit of more than $500 million. In other news, a shuffle button is coming to Netflix users globally in the first half of 2021.

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