Netflix Announced Two Interactive Movies Where You Battle Nature For 2021

The first Netflix movie featuring Bear Grylls is due out on February 16.


Netflix has released a trailer for Animals on the Loose: A You Vs. Wild Movie, which is an upcoming action-packed interactive feature starring outdoorsman Bear Grylls. The film will land on the streaming platform February 16--check out the trailer below.

The official synopsis indicates that the 90-minute interactive story focuses on the chaos after a protective fence surrounding a wildlife sanctuary has mysteriously suffered a breach, thereby setting all the animals on the loose. Afterwards, "Bear is called in to help rescue a mischievous baboon, track down a hungry lion, and fix the fence before any more animals get out. Three urgent missions await you with only so much time and Bear needs your help."

This is not the first such interactive film to hit Netflix, nor the first to feature Bear Grylls. In 2019, Grylls launched a series titled You Vs. Wild, which had viewers navigate Grylls through "dense jungles, towering mountains, brutal deserts, and mysterious forests." In a release accompanying this announcement, Netflix also indicates that there will be another You Vs. Wild movie "later this year."

While interactive features are not what Netflix is necessarily known for, it is clear the streaming service is committed to continue supplying them. The 2019 Black Mirror spin-off adventure Bandersnatch won an Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie--but there have also been interesting experiments with Boss Baby: Get that Baby! and also Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverend.

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