Netflix And The Simpsons Creator Release Teaser Trailer For New Series Disenchantment

Is Matt Groening trying to animate Game of Thrones?


The creator of The Simpsons and Futurama is at it again with his newest show, Disenchantment, which is coming to Netflix August 17. It's another adult animation series created by Matt Groening, and given the success of his two most well-known projects, people are getting pretty excited about this one. A teaser trailer for the project was released on social media platforms and the animation style seems to be be pretty similar to the style of his other work, just in a different setting.

As the trailer itself states, the Groening has already set shows in the present and the future, so the natural next step is to set their newest show in the past. It looks like Disenchantment will be set in a fantasy world called Dreamland. The setting is reminiscent of a medieval European feudal society, complete with a castle, a king, knights, and a princess. Given the title of the show and the town, we can infer that magic will factor in somewhere.

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The teaser trailer is very short so it doesn't give much of a look into what the plot might entail other than a complicated father daughter relationship. What we do know is that the first season will be 10 episodes long and will follow the adventures of the rebellious princess and her zany friends in the rapidly deteriorating kingdom of Dreamland.

This is the first time Matt Groening has released a new show in 19 years, and you can only see it on Netflix. The first season of Disenchantment will be released August 17.

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