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Netflix 2024 Movies And TV Show Lineup Announced

Here's what Netflix is premiering this year.


As we take a step into February 2024, Netflix wants to show its subscribers what they plan on delivering this year. It's got new movies, new shows, and new events heading your way, and there's something for everyone.

In addition to the pile of new shows, it will also continue brand new chapters for Rebel Moon, Squid Game, Bridgeton, Emily in Paris, and the long-awaited Beverly Hills Cop 4. Keep your eyes peeled for some links to bonus features like behind-the-scenes footage, first-look photos, and teasers.

Notably absent from the announcements are the Halle Berry-led Mothership and The Old Guard 2 with Charlize Theron. Both productions were announced around the same time as the Old Guard sequel was greenlit back in 2021.

Netflix confirmed that Mothership was scrapped due to post-production problems. Filming was nearly completed, but "extensive reshoots" were required, and Netflix opted to cancel the release instead. Berry will continue working with Netflix as you can see in the sizzle reel she's with Mark Wahlberg for The Union.

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