NES Classic Now Playable Using Nintendo Switch Controllers

Teaching an old dog new tricks.


You can now play your NES Classic using your brand-new Nintendo Switch controllers.

A third-party wireless receiver, made by hardware company 8Bitdo, has been updated, allowing you to connect your Switch's Joy-Cons and Pro Controller. You can then play all of the system's 30 included games using the new pads.

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The receiver is different to the replica wireless controller from Nyko that we reported on in November.

NES Classic Edition launched that month and promptly sold out. Though it retails for $60, some users were selling it on for upwards of $200, and the system is still routinely sold out. Nintendo Switch, meanwhile, was released on March 3 and has become the fastest-selling Nintendo console ever in Europe and the Americas.

The system's Joy-Cons and Pro Controller can also be connected to PC, Mac, and Android--but not iOS. The Pro Controller currently appears to be completely sold-out.

Classic Edition, meanwhile, offers save states for each game and multiple display modes. Manuals, however, are not included on the system itself; you'll instead scan a QR code that directs you to ones located online. You can see a full list of included games here.

In our review, Peter Brown said the NES Classic is "the most attractive option" for playing NES games since it's both affordable (when in stock) and it out-performs previous Virtual Console efforts. For more, check out our NES Classic unboxing.

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