NES Classic Edition Back In Stock Now, But Only in $140+ Bundles [UPDATE: Out Of Stock]

The discontinued system is in stock for a limited time.


Update 12:49 PM And within 20 minutes of going on sale, every bundle is now out of stock. Hopefully, if you were hoping to get a version, you were able to make it in time. It's unlikely that these systems will be coming back anytime soon.

The original story appears below.

While fans continue to await the next opportunity to pre-order the upcoming SNES Classic Edition, last year's hit micro console is back in stock now. ThinkGeek has announced it has the discontinued NES Classic Edition available for sale, although there is a catch--you'll only be able to pick one up as part of a bundle.

Just as it did with the Switch systems it had in stock at the end of June, ThinkGeek has bundled the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition with various extras. The cheapest of these costs $140 and includes a Zelda puzzle, Mario piranha plant puppet, and three pieces of exclusive canvas art. Other bundles range in price up to $220 and come with things like Zelda: Breath of the Wild merchandise, game-themed lamps, and Mega Man replica helmets and guns. You can see them all here.

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These bundles are available for purchase now. On their own, you'd expect the systems to sell out right away, but it's hard to gauge how the bundled arrangement will impact interest. For what it's worth, ThinkGeek tells GameSpot it has "thousands of units available" and that they are limited to one per person.

The NES Classic Edition includes 30 pre-loaded NES games, including the early Mario games as well as Castlevania and Metroid. It proved to be wildly popular upon its release last November, selling out immediately and creating a pricey secondhand market. Nintendo ultimately discontinued the system worldwide earlier this year. You can read more in our NES Classic Edition review.

As expected, Nintendo followed news of the NES Classic's discontinuation with an announcement of the SNES Classic Edition, which is due out in September. There have been few opportunities to pre-order it so far in the US, and there are concerns that it will again be very difficult to find. Nintendo has said it only plans to ship them during the course of 2017 but has claimed it will deliver far more units than the NES micro console.

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