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Nerf Reveals New Roblox-Inspired Blaster

Take a look at this Viper blaster, inspired by one of the games in Roblox.


The hit PC game series is getting a new blaster from Nerf, arriving on August 1. The Nerf Roblox Zombie Attack: Viper Strike Blaster is quite a mouthful; however, that's where the darts fire out of--a snake's mouth.

Retailing for $45, the blaster is inspired by the Roblox experience Zombie Attack by wenlocktoad vs indra. It comes with an in-game code that will let you claim an exclusive item in Roblox as well. The blaster comes with a removable clip and six Nerf Elite darts. Check out a few images below.

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The blaster also comes with a bipod to set-up your blaster, as you use the bolt-action to get it primed. Additionally, it looks like a snake, which is pretty wild. The scope on top works, but it is nonremovable.

This isn't the first Nerf/Roblox collaboration. Last spring, Hasbro revealed a whole wave of Roblox blasters both big and small ranging from $10 to $40 each. Nerf's biggest gaming-related announcement came back in October when the Halo Needler was revealed. The blaster looks a lot like its in-game counterpart, but that comes at a price: $100. However, you'll have to wait to get it because it doesn't release until this November, and it's already sold out.

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