NeoGeo titles coming to PSN Dec. 21

SNK Playmore announces "Neo Geo Station" for Sony's virtual storefront hitting later this month; 10 updated PS3 and PSP titles available at launch for $8.99 and $6.99, respectively.


No Caption Provided PlayStation 3 owners with an Internet-connected console can already download PlayStation One classics, but for those looking even deeper into the past, the PlayStation Network will soon offer NeoGeo titles.

Publisher SNK Playmore today announced plans for a "Neo Geo Station" on the PlayStation Network. The download hub will go live on December 21 with 10 classic NeoGeo titles. The games will be offered for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP priced at $8.99 and $6.99, respectively.

The King of Fighters rumble back to the PSN later this month.
The King of Fighters rumble back to the PSN later this month.

Additionally, the NeoGeo titles are not plain and simple ports of their original form. SNK has added contemporary features to each title including online versus and cooperative play for the PS3 (ad hoc support for PSP titles), as well as a "variety" of unspecified improvements.

All 10 titles arriving on the PlayStation Network are listed below. All titles will be available for the PS3 on December 21, with two (denoted with *) also being available for the PSP. The other eight titles will arrive for PSP sometime in January.

• Fatal Fury*
• Alpha Mission II
• The King of Fighters '94
• Samurai Shodown
• Baseball Stars Professional
• Magician Lord
• Metal Slug*
• League Bowling
• Super Sidekicks
• Art of Fighting

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Avatar image for Zackarias-313

Dreamcast and Saturn games with trophy support would be awesome...

Avatar image for Chuckie_H

Waiting for Metal Slug and Super Sidekicks. Kicking the ball to the goal ang getting it through with the goalkeeper was great!

Avatar image for Serious

I remember the original Neo-Geo system. there was this kid in my neighborhood that owned one. He only had 2 games Cause these game were $300 - $200 a pop. Just for the game! I'm still amazed his parents spoiled him so. I'm not sure if I'm interested in such old games at that price.

Avatar image for stratfender89

@scatterbrain007 I think the prices for this are fair. Most carts for these games on the original system will run you at least $50 without online play or any updated features. That's ebay, and it's worse in Akihabara. DAMMMNNN YOU EXPENSIVE TOKYO lol

Avatar image for AceCometh

I prefer my stuff on Xbox 360. Guess I'll be dusting off the PS3 for using it for things other than blu ray movies

Avatar image for chikahiro94

@shaun_ofda_dead Gotcha. As a long-time SNK fan I remember their bankruptcy, close calls and hanging by a thread times, so anything that would let them keep more of the money (rather than the lion's share being eaten up by the retail market) makes me happier. I can understand the desire for a copy to have, certainly, but at the same time I want whatever option will help their financial security the most. They're such a small company that they don't have much resources to do a lot with, so... Honestly, if they licensed out some of their properties to other companies that'd work too... could you imagine if Platinum or Capcom took their old games (like, say, Sengoku) and re-imagined them for this generation?

Avatar image for gbrading

The NeoGeo was a gem. This is good news.

Avatar image for TheCyborgNinja

OMG!!!! SWEET JUSTICE! For ages the 360 has got all the good SNK fighting games, now, finally PS3 users get a taste. I hope these do well enough to see us receive KoF 2k2

Avatar image for monson21502

i remember a local video store owner buying a neo geo and charging us 25 cents per credit:shock: looking back now it was well worth it:wink:

Avatar image for shaun_ofda_dead

@chikahiro94 Totally agree. as long as it isn't some drastic graphical change like the turtles reshelled game on XBLA. SNK would do good to remake these games and not just port them. But i do have to disagree with your comment about not putting them all on a disc. Sega Ultimate collection is fantastic, and it isn't taking up shelf room at gamestop. Guess I just like a tangible object (must be the collector in me). But you are right about where the money goes, and I would be glad to own any of these neo-geo classics on any current system.

Avatar image for scatterbrain007

Good news, but those prices are too obnoxiously high.

Avatar image for galatt

Where's Windjammers?

Avatar image for stratfender89

Some of the games are really good, but Alpha Mission II is mediocre at best, as well as league bowling. Why not better games for example Nam 1975, Sengoku 3, and of course, SHOCK TROOPERS! Anyway. I think I'll play my AES now ^.^

Avatar image for Crazy_Legs87

Finally, SNK is supporting PSN.

Avatar image for BrooklynRome250

Yep this is mos definitely a gud look for the psn, its gonna be crazy going off with some ppl on Metal Slug! I really dig Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury, and i had King of fighters i think it was 96 they all bring back memories!

Avatar image for chikahiro94

@Guzthon Why? The retail market is pretty brutal with all the competition out there for shelf space, plus the store and distributors will take a big chunk of the sale price. Add in that discs can get damaged or lost? I think selling online is the way to go for them.

Avatar image for Guzthon

SNK should release their games in a disc (better than the "pathetic-lousy" dlc).

Avatar image for redskinStu

Too expensive.

Avatar image for DrKill09

I want Shock Troopers!

Avatar image for X-RS

5 of those tittles are already in snk arcade classics for ps2, but whatever. just hope there isnt too much a price difference 4 online/new stuff.

Avatar image for simplypowerfull

NICE! Metals Slug and KOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet

Avatar image for KBFloYd

only neo geo game i liked was king of the monsters..

Avatar image for Rizion89

Samurai Showdown ftw!

Avatar image for metlcub

League Bowling OMG, i used to spend alot of time playing that with my dad, such fond memories.

Avatar image for benboz

Bring on Metal Slug!!

Avatar image for JackHoleFace00

Haha, look at that box-art!!! Lmao!

Avatar image for JackHoleFace00

Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown were the best. Fatal fury was also bad a$$. And haha, I remember beaning people in Baseball Stars just to have the batter charge the mound and start huge fights lol

Avatar image for mvlbr

Metal Slug and Magician Lord gets my $$$. Would also love to buy Super Baseball 2020.

Avatar image for BillyColeman

kavadias1981 ya i no i fig psn had em too lol guess not

Avatar image for ItsEvolution

I've always wondered why the original Twisted Metal isn't on PSN, but i assume it'll come out when the new PS3 game releases.

Avatar image for devilscry

awesome news!

Avatar image for IdolConverge

Metal slug with online capability? Sold.

Avatar image for cytheh

how about metal slug?

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

I waited forever for them to add Alundra. Eventually I couldn't take it and bought it off Ebay. Then within the month they ad it on.

Avatar image for SuperMessy

@youngsexynerd Yea, psn seriously needs Legend of Legaia, and Legend of Dragoon.

Avatar image for chikahiro94

@shaun_ofda_dead Makes you wish they would make a new version. A 2d Magician Lord with current tech at high res (720p or 1080p) would love wonderful... the current crop of 2d games have a wonderful look and feel, you know?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a5f623fa2551

I wonder why the newer SNK games are only on XBLA.

Avatar image for nini200

Welcome to what the Wii had a year ago. Also, Last Blade is awesome. Last blade 2 is even better.

Avatar image for M8ingSeezun

Last Resort, Ninja Combat, Cyber-Lip, Nam 1975 need to be on that list

Avatar image for Pumpkinhead3

Honestly, I could really care less about Neo Geo games. Sure Fatal Fury and Metal Slug are notable titles, but I would really rather see some more good stuff on the PSN from the PS1, dreamcast, and a little something called the PS2. I guess since Sony is still selling PS2s though they are not going to put the titles on the PSN.

Avatar image for ChrisMx2

I would definitely download Tomba! or Legend of Legaia if they put it on PSN.

Avatar image for youngsexynerd

please!! PLEASE SONY! give us more ps1 jrpgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

Avatar image for regix416_basic

Wow... Last Blade looks AWESOME. Almost comparable to BlazBlue graphically. NICE! I want! And while we're at it, I want the REAL Unlimited Codes for the PS2. Come on, I KNOW you've got that emulator working. All you need to do is give it to us! ^_^ Or let me suggest this. Make PSN available to PS2 owners so we can buy it there. Problem solved! =)

Avatar image for milsvaard

Magician lord and Metal Slug are the only ones that interest me at this moment.

Avatar image for netin2005

Fatal Fury needs an HD remake.

Avatar image for regix416_basic

Yeah, and where are all of the GOOD Dreamcast games, huh? I thought we would have some decent ones by now. And since we're getting Neo Geo games, you can't possibly beat the DC version of Fatal Fury: Gatou (Or Mark of the Wolves)... but what I want is SATURN games. I thought the PS3 was supposed to be able to play those too and yet we haven't seen them. Where are they? Since Sony seems to be bringing back a LOT of WD stuff, I'd love to be able to play Magic Knight Rayearth.

Avatar image for shaun_ofda_dead

I have something to look forward to when (if ever I could afford a backwards compatible one) I get a PS3... Magician Lord!!!!!! I want more neo-geo games, how about Burning Fight? This is great for those who want to play some classic games that cost a bit to get for the original console. And I wouldn't mind getting these along with the TG-16 games on Wii arcade ported to XBLA. Ya hear that Microsoft?

Avatar image for travisstaggs

KoF '94 is awesome.

Avatar image for YEPEE00

bring world heroes 2.5 and i'm there.

Avatar image for Salali

does it supports arcade controller? i would love to play "Art of Fighting" Neo Geo style

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