Neocron Screens

Reakktor releases six new screenshots of its futuristic online role-playing game.



Reakktor Media has released six new screenshots from its upcoming online role-playing game Neocron. The game takes place in a 27th-century metropolis, and incorporates gameplay elements from first-person shooters, such as an arsenal of over twenty types of weapons that can be used during player-versus-player deathmatches. Players choose one of four classes to play: Psi Monk, Tank, Private Eye, or Spy, and decide for themselves whether to pursue exciting adventures or lead normal virtual lives. The graphics engine includes advanced rendering technology normally found in first-person action games and it features dynamic lighting, curved surfaces, and terrain models with high polygon counts.

The beta test of the game is scheduled to begin near the end of the year. Neocron will be released in mid-2001. For more information about the game, visit the official Neocron web site.

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