Neocron gets combat vehicles

Reakktor Media announces that its futuristic online role-playing game will feature armored buggies and mechs. Screens inside.



Germany-based Reakktor Media has today announced that its massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Neocron, will be the first in the genre to feature vehicles that can be simultaneously piloted by more than one player.

The game has been in beta testing for some time, but a new patch made available yesterday is the first to include any vehicles. The vehicles that we've seen to date include one that's a little reminiscent of the speeder bikes in Return of the Jedi and two different armored buggies that, like those in the Xbox game Halo , allow different players to drive, ride shotgun, and man a rear-mounted weapon at the same time. Reakktor has also confirmed that combat mechs will be the next vehicles implemented and that these will also allow multiple players to pilot them concurrently.

To get their hands on a vehicle in the game, players will need to visit a vendor to purchase a set of keys. Reakktor's hope is that players will use the vehicles to explore the vast Wastelands area in the game and that warring clans will employ them in great numbers to make for some really spectacular battles.

Neocron was launched in Germany earlier this week but won't be available in North America until next month. For more information, check out our Halo of the game.

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