Need For Speed Payback Lets You Drive A New Car Months Before Its Real-World Debut

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BMW is giving the first look at one of its cars through Need For Speed Payback. On November 10, get ready to take the forthcoming 2018 BMW M5 for a spin, months before its real-world debut.

Unveiled at Gamescom, the new BMW M5 is a luxury four-door sedan with all-wheel drive meant to rip and tear through the streets and terrain of Fortune City. It won't release in the real world until spring 2018, but Need For Speed players will get a taste of its roaring 600 horsepower engine well before then.

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Though its the first time BMW has revealed a car through a game, it's not the first time BMW has appeared in Need for Speed. Like the M5, the BMW M2 had its time in the spotlight in Ghost Games' Need For Speed [2015]. The M5 marks the continuing collaboration between Need For Speed and BMW, though it's not clear if we'll be seeing any more new cars from BMW in Payback.

For more Need For Speed Payback, check out the most recent trailer with details on customization and more. The title launches November 10 for Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC. For more Gamescom 2017, head on over to our hub.

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Yeah, and based on this real life simulator you could definitely decide whether to buy one of these babies

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Not pre-ordering anything from this point on until you do a compare/contrast on details/features/specs/etc of PS4 Pro version vs. Xbox One X version.

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i won't be touching that dumpster fire.......<the game I mean, car looks fine......

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Looks just like the last M5. Whether that be good or bad for fans of BMW is for them to decide though.

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@Lord_Sesshy: Are you sure? M5 F90 vs M5 F10