Need for Speed: Nitro-X zooms to DSiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Virtual marketplace adds EA's racing title, Go Fetch!, 21: Blackjack; WiiWare welcomes Derby Dogs, Triple Running Sports.


No Caption Provided Tomorrow Electronic Arts' Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit comes to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii, but DS owners are also receiving a shot of speed this week.

Green flagged for release today on DSiWare is arcade racing title Need for Speed: Nitro-X (800 DSi points, or $8). The game sports four-player functionality, 18 vehicles, and a camera tag editor. Using the DSi's camera, players can snap photos and adorn the game's environments with the unique tag. Further, the title also features a Super Pursuit mode that allows players to control any of six unique police vehicles and pursue lawbreakers. Nitro-X boasts 16 racing environments, but each can also be reversed, creating more than 30 different maps to race on.

Need for Speed goes portable today with Nitro-X.
Need for Speed goes portable today with Nitro-X.

Also dropping today for the portable is Go Fetch! (500 DSi points, or $5). As its name suggests, the title has players guiding a puppy with the stylus to collect thrown balls. The title isn't that simple, though, as players will need to guide their puppies around obstacles in order to succeed. The title sports multiple environments, including Backyard, Park, Beach, Riverside, School, Plaza, and Parking Lot, and each has its own set of unique obstacles.

The last title arriving on DSiWare today is 21: Blackjack (200 DSi points, or $2). From Digital Leisure, the title allows gamers to gamble on the go. A virtual version of the classic card game, the title lets players change a number of game options, including altering payouts, the number of decks in play, splitting options, and also whether the dealer hits on 17.

Switching to WiiWare, Nintendo added two new titles to the marketplace today, the first of which is Derby Dogs (500 Wii points, or $5). From Aksys Games, the title sees players raise, breed, and compete with canines by feeding and training the animals. Players can run their dogs through competition and use money earned to purchase additional doghouses and food from the title's in-game shop. Also, players can compete with other trainers around the world by using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

The last title arriving on WiiWare today is Triple Running Sports (500 Wii points, or $5). A competitive running title, the game sports a number of races to compete in, including 100- and 400-meter sprints, hurdles, and a lengthier 1,500-meter race. The game gives players "full control" of the race and tasks them with jumping at the correct moment during hurdles competitions and initiating a finish-line push when necessary.

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