Need for Speed: Nitro revving up November 17

EA Montreal behind first NFS title exclusively for DS, Wii; uses nunchuk, racing wheel, stylus with controls tailored to both rookies and experts.


Need for Speed: Nitro

Following the shake-up at Electronic Arts' Black Box studio after the 2008 holiday season, the publisher soon split the ailing workshop's Need for Speed franchise into three new series. One of them, Need for Speed: Nitro, was tasked to Boogie-makers EA Montreal as a Nintendo-only franchise. Today, the company announced the arcade street racer will ship worldwide on November 17.

Tailgaters beware.
Tailgaters beware.

More casual than its counterpart Need for Speed: Shift, the Wii- and DS-exclusive Nitro features cars with a toylike appearance and controls friendly to rookies and experts alike. Power-ups are strewn across the raceway and a new graffiti system will factor into overall racing performance. On the Wii, Need for Speed: Nitro can be played with the Wii Remote, nunchuk, racing wheel, or the GameCube Controller.

EA Black Box is codeveloping the third Need for Speed offshoot Motor City Online, a massively multiplayer online racer made in collaboration with EA Shanghai. The free-to-play PC game is set to release in Asia this summer and the US this winter. Slightly Mad Studios and Black Box executive producer Michael Mann are working on Need for Speed: Shift, which ships September 17 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and PSP.

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