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Need For Speed Heat Patch Notes For Black Market Update

Now fulfills more speed needs.


Need for Speed Heat has received an enormous upgrade with its March update, which not only adds a cool new "Black Market" feature but also offers several hundred tweaks and bug fixes across the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game. The update is available now, and will weigh in at between 7.7GB and 8.38GB, depending on your system.

The Black Market update will deliver two new cars to players, although only one of them will be free. The Aston Martin DB11 Volante '19 will be awarded to you just for heading down to Port Murphy to start the new Black Market mission, while you'll need to pay for the McLaren F1 '93. New vanity items are also available to trick your car out with.

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The game will also receive numerous general quality-of-life improvements, including an adjustable camera shake, a notification in online races to remind you that the game is not paused, and a change in how you are notified of new item unlocks. Additionally, more vanity items have been added, including one that syncs to your music. New visual elements have been added to races, too, including new intros, victory poses, and visible "ghost" cars before your race.

The rest of the patch list is extremely long, offering an enormous list of bug fixes. It can be viewed on Reddit, but the general takeaway is that many, many issues have been fixed.

Need for Speed Heat has received some big updates since its November 2019 release, including one that added steering wheel support. It will also likely be the last major Need for Speed title from developer Ghost Games, as the franchise moves back over to Criterion Games, best known for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and the Burnout series.

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