Need for Speed Free Updates Are Ending as Dev Shifts to New Game

No more free updates, as Ghost Games sets its sights on new Need for Speed in 2017.


It's the end of the road for Need for Speed's free updates.

Ghost Games has announced that the recently released SpeedList update for the racing game is the final one that players can expect. This update landed at the end of April; it introduced things like competitive multiplayer, a prestige mode, and more activities to participate in.

Free updates are ending as Ghost Games shifts its priorities to the next entry in the Need for Speed series, which we recently learned is not coming in 2016, but rather in 2017.

The Need for Speed franchise was previously released on a yearly basis. When EA skipped a release in 2014, it marked the first time it had done so in more than a decade.

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Ghost Games has supported Need for Speed with updates that have also introduced things like hot rods, drag racing, steering wheel support, manual transmission, a photo mode, and more.

For more on Need for Speed, which EA calls a "full reboot" of the series, check out GameSpot's review.

EA will report earnings for its latest quarter later today. It is possible the company will share more information on the game during the event; and if they do, we'll report back with the details.

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