Nearly Half Of Gamers Want More Games Based On Film And TV, Survey Reveals

A new survey conducted by Deloitte found that gamers want more games based on other media, including film and TV.


Deloitte recently conducted its 17th annual Digital Media Trends study, and it drew some interesting conclusions about the current gaming audience. As reported by GamesBeat, in addition to finding that younger gamers are more likely to "weave" different digital media activities such as watching TV and playing video games together, the survey also found that 45% of consumers surveyed want more games based on their favorite movies and TV shows.

Considering that the Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy has emerged as one of the best-selling games of the year, and that there are a huge number of Star Wars games currently in development, perhaps this isn't that surprising.

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The overall conclusions of the survey seem to point to a merging together of digital media. For example, 49% of gamers surveyed said that they often discover new music when playing video games, and that 44% of gamers have decided to play a specific video game after watching a specific movie or TV show. Additionally, 50% of consumers said that user-generated videos (like those made by influencers) helped them discover new products or services to buy.

The survey also found that gaming has become an important form of socialization for many gamers. For example, 62% of "committed gamers" said that meeting up with their friends in video games is an important way to spend time together, compared to 29% of casual gamers. Additionally, 40% of millennials and Gen Z respondents said that they socialize more in video games than the real world.

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