NCsoft profits soar 836%, Aion NA, Euro sales near 1M

Korean publisher's newest MMOG pushes July-Sept. net income to $40 million on revenue of $142 million.


The massively multiplayer online role-playing market hasn't seen many new entrants this year. However, of those that have debuted this year, NCsoft scored perhaps the biggest hit with Aion: Tower of Eternity. Shortly before the supernal-themed MMOG's launch in September, NCsoft said that Aion had garnered more than 400,000 preorders in North America, making it the "biggest MMO release of the year."

Angels rejoice!
Angels rejoice!

As part of its third-quarter earnings announcement today, NCsoft said that Aion has now sold more than 500,000 units in North America and 470,000 copies in Europe. Aion's popularity propelled NCsoft to another quarter of triple-digit year-over-year gains. The Korean publisher reported revenues today that were up 112 percent to KRW166 billion ($142 million). Net income during the July-September period soared to KRW46.9 billion ($40 million), a whopping 836 percent year-over-year rise.

NCsoft's home market again constituted the vast bulk of the MMOG publisher's sales, as Korea accounted for 48 percent of revenues, with North America, Japan, Europe, and Taiwan following. Aion contributed to 52 percent of the publisher's sales across the territories, with Lineage 2 falling as the second-most lucrative at 24 percent or revenues. The original Lineage followed with 16 percent, while City of Heroes/Villains and Guild Wars came in at respective 4 and 3 percents.

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Avatar image for HavocEbonlore

Surprising seeing as how this game sucks. Anyone wanna grind bloods for fenris legs and then fail the craft later? Lol...

Avatar image for Freakgrenade

demi_veritas wrote:"There isn't a whole lot to do in aion. Level, craft or pvp. Instances? ." @demi_veritas ,i don't think you read what you wrote since you don't realize that that is all pple do in mmos

Avatar image for runstalker

Targzissian Posted Nov 6, 2009 9:16 pm PT "Great, maybe NCsoft can give Richard Garriott a share of that money. I'm excited for Guild Wars 2, and may try Aion sometime, but I'm disappointed with the way they treated Garriott and shut down Tabula Rasa." You mean the part where Garriott was having a mid-life crisis and dropped $30 million dollars into a personal space voyage before leaving the Tabula Rasa team? Yeah right, making a multi-millionaire out of a broken, space cadet man-boy was such terrible treatment... It doesn't diminish Garriott's past development achievements, but let's call a spade a spade in this particular situation.

Avatar image for runstalker

"...of those that have debuted this year, NCsoft scored perhaps the biggest hit with Aion: Tower of Eternity." It hasn't been called "Aion: Tower of Eternity" for over 9 months guys, so please stop referring to it as such. The 'Tower of Eternity' subtitle was officially dropped by NCsoft for the NA/EU version earlier this year. If we're going for accuracy, that's how it must be. In your text, and also in the title you placed for the embedded launch trailer. The Tower remains in-game, but not in the title!

Avatar image for Ultramarinus

MMO industry became a hype-driven business by now, disc copies sold means nothing. Aion seems to have lost a great amount of western subs after the first free month.

Avatar image for valcrist09

Aion was great but i quit cause the botting and gold spamming is out of control and NCsoft has done nothing.. EPIC FAIL!!

Avatar image for Mcgnnis1

Weren't they supposed to make some MMORPGs for Sony...i wonder what happened to that deal...

Avatar image for Rikevis

Too bad they can't take a little of that money they are making and invest it in customer support in the form of IN-GAME CSRs to put a beat-down on the plague of bots and gold sellers.

Avatar image for atopp399

If they could funnel a little of that money into finishing Guild Wars 2 that would be awesome.

Avatar image for Leonagard

enough of it!! I bought by paypal played like 2 weeks os my 60 days subscription... and I like it... but its more of the same MMo's I got bored... but Demon's Souls keep my taste up!! lol I dont think it only me but MMOs are losing their charm just ripping off eachother... problably GW2 or Old Republic come with some new mechanics but I doubt... btw GW2 has no monthly fee

Avatar image for hobobobo00

i dont need to tell you in order for you to know this game is a complete rip off wow. ive tried this game during the beta and ill tell you that this is world of warcraft except with more grinding and just overall less fun. trust me. the only reason you would play this instead of wow is because of vain graphic style preferences or because wow is too much of a social taboo

Avatar image for DonRade

Amazing and surprising...

Avatar image for icym

Its great to see them do well in a tough market. Hopefully, it will encourage them to get CoH2 and GW2 out there asap!

Avatar image for steven141

Whoah! Thats a pretty big profit increase. The management has got to be happy with that, but i won't be playing Aion, i probably won't play big MMO's like that again.

Avatar image for sirkel28

Wonder how much money GS got for that hype advertisement/ article.

Avatar image for tyco_ex

Now maybe they can hurry the heck up on GW2 >.>

Avatar image for FkThisName

Crafting isnt boring, it rocks and is easy to level. Hit CRAFT ALL and go watch a movie, now thats good crafting.

Avatar image for demi_veritaz

There isn't a whole lot to do in aion. Level, craft or pvp. Instances? They're all tank n' spankin grind. Crafting is boring and takes waaaaay too long. The pace of leveling is alright.

Avatar image for prohogo2

melty3219, thats cos wow players are too scared to try something new :P

Avatar image for 106473

Woot their it is!

Avatar image for melty3219

yet still none of those games have killed wow

Avatar image for dracosummoner

Eight hundred and thirty-six percent. I need to let that sink in for a moment ...

Avatar image for k0r3aN_pR1d3

I doubt that Korean MMO's will be coming for consoles any time soon. The idea of playing games on a console isn't practical in the mindset of Koreans. Just start up MC Mong on your PC, load up a game, and you are set.

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

@ Nibustan I looked into it and all I see is a month fee set for the US but i heard that they have different ways of payments in different countries.

Avatar image for xeridae

IMO MMO's are like highlanders, there can only be one....and it's not Aion.

Avatar image for blakeney

@ Nibustan he is proberly a NCsoft marketing stratagist doing his job lol? that or dosnt want to play it was much as he says he does, otherwise he wouldve looked into it

Avatar image for Nibustan

@SDBusDriver1979 Thats exactly what they have done in Aion.

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

I would like to play it but I just can't do monthly fees. Wish it gave you the option to pay for hours for the people who would only have time to play once or maybe twice a week.

Avatar image for PuppetMaster786

this game is beast, should come out for consoles though

Avatar image for Isayama

W00t for Aion!

Avatar image for -Unreal-

@NoLifeGamin Nah Aion is adoing well for NCSoft but it's not close to Blizzard's first 24 hour sales of it's first MMO (not the expansions). Blizzard broke PC game sales records and their title went down as the most successfull PC game launch of all time, and sold more in the first 24 hours than any other PC game has ever done.

Avatar image for smfes

I bought it on steam and i gotta say it's the best i've played since WoW it's really really good.

Avatar image for Humorguy_basic

Guess what? If I paid you $1 in wages last year and this year I paid you $8.36, you might not be able to feed your kids, but I could still tell the world I am a great employer and gave you an 836% pay rise this year! Be very wary of numbers.......

Avatar image for firehawk998

Good for NCsoft

Avatar image for Arctic_Grillz

Aion looks graphically nice but it didnt kept me hooked and it bored me after 2 weeks..I hope the money I spent on this game also go towards GW2 development.

Avatar image for monson21502

i think wow did me in on mmos. everytimne i think of wow or runescape i wish i had my money and time back... i refuse to even try another mmo lol

Avatar image for malfarf15869

woah... never heard of them... but congrats to them

Avatar image for Tauu

Wow, Aion already has almost double the playerbase of FFXI. I know a lot of people are just playing Aion until FFXIV releases. I also heard Aion has a big RMT problem.

Avatar image for BaLLz_ON_FiRE

Aion ?

Avatar image for Targzissian

Great, maybe NCsoft can give Richard Garriott a share of that money. I'm excited for Guild Wars 2, and may try Aion sometime, but I'm disappointed with the way they treated Garriott and shut down Tabula Rasa.

Avatar image for Frooglar

Awesome, means an even better life for City of Heroes.

Avatar image for NuKkU

thats great more money towards Guild Wars 2 :D :lol:

Avatar image for Franko_3

Good, now give that money to Anet and bring Guild wars 2 fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Avatar image for firesage423

@Deathfish69165 ya, i just loved that game it was so simple yet i could play if for hours, even when i had a p.o.s. computer that was laggy, it was fun! WoW was- -kill this -collect this -kill this and collect its "body part" and since all of them have the "body part" u end up killing 600 of um to get 6 of um.. only way to describe tabula was awesome.. thats the only way to put it..

Avatar image for spag007

I bought the game, played for 2 or 3 weeks, then got bored. Too repetitive, too long to level, too much grinding, and the graphics aren't even that nice.

Avatar image for Deathfish69165

@ firesage423 Agreed, as Tabula Rasa was truly awesome, if slightly on the limited content side of things. I miss that game with full heart and wish NCSoft would have actually SOLD the game (as offered many times) instead of just letting it die in the ground.

Avatar image for 396117268

Aion sucks. Never play a game so boring. Don't waste ur time on this crap. "level up ----- gears ----- PVP----gears----pvp. No story, No team work. No anything"

Avatar image for linhlh

Guild Wars 2 is the only MMO that matters. Aion is Lineage with wing.

Avatar image for i_PWN_fanboys

836%, WOW. Thats a bigger percentage than all of the losses reported by other companies put together.

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