NCAA March Madness 2005 goes gold

EA's college hoops game ready for November 15 release; ranks top teams.


NCAA March Madness 2005

Electronic Arts’ college hoops title, March Madness 2005, has gone gold and is on schedule for its November 15 release. Available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, it is rated “E” for Everyone and carries an SRP of $39.99.

March Madness 2005 re-creates college basketball’s most prestigious tournament and features an all-new floor, general play-calling system, 20 classic college teams such as Indiana’s 1981 squad, and authentic college chants, mascots, and arenas. The game’s in-game ranking poll rates the Division 1 teams across the country, and EA has ranked Kansas, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Arizona, and Michigan State as numbers one through five, respectively.

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