NCAA Football 2002 ships

EA ships the PlayStation 2 incarnation of its college football game.


Electronic Arts has shipped NCAA Football 2002 for the Sony PlayStation 2. The game is based on the Madden 2001 engine, and as such it shares much of its visual and gameplay style with its NFL counterpart. The game features highly detailed stadiums and team jerseys, replicated down to every last intricate detail. Players will be able to track a variety of information and stats in the game, including top 25 and BCS rankings, Heisman Trophy and All-America candidates, and individual player and team statistics.

"NCAA Football 2002 is by far the most detailed and graphically superior football game available,'' said executive producer Steven Chiang. "This next-generation version really gives you the feel that you are sitting in a college stadium somewhere in the US, watching a quarterback option play, listening to the band play in the stands, and watching the team mascot perform on the sidelines. We have brought all the emotion, passion, and tradition of college game day to the PlayStation 2."

NCAA Football 2002 was developed by EA's Tiburon studio.

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