NCAA demo, movies rush Xbox Marketplace

Xbox 360 owners can now check out a demo for NCAA Football 07 and new trailers for Mass Effect, Halo 3.


Yesterday, Microsoft addressed 360 users' complaints about the uneven flow of new titles onto Xbox Live Arcade with the announcement of five new Arcade games in five weeks and the release of Frogger. Today the rest of the Xbox Live Marketplace sees some action, as Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced a trio of new downloads for 360 users.

First off, Electronic Arts' demo for NCAA Football 07 is now available for 360 owners in the US and Canada to download. The series' first appearance on the Xbox 360, NCAA Football 07 will also be available on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable. All versions of the game are set for release next week.

Going up alongside the NCAA demo are a pair of offerings for games that aren't so close to completion. The Marketplace is now hosting a trailer featuring gameplay from BioWare's upcoming sci-fi action role-playing game Mass Effect and a high-resolution version of the Halo 3: In the Beginning behind-the-scenes featurette posted on developer Bungie's site last month. The Mass Effect trailer is unavailable in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, or Mexico, while the Halo trailer is downloadable from anywhere.

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