NCAA beating leads to stabbing

After playing head-to-head match in NCAA Football game, loser skewers winner with a 10-inch butcher knife.


College football fans are hardcore, but they apparently don't get much more hardcore than 34-year-old James Wilson. The real-life rivalry between Tennessee and Auburn was being played out digitally in Athens, Alabama, when superfan Wilson took the Tigers' loss personally, reports the Associated Press. At some point in the evening on Saturday night, Wilson entered the bedroom of Lance Borchert, who was on the winning end of the game, and stabbed him in the back with a 10-inch butcher knife. The blade punctured Borchert's lung, and Borchert was airlifted to a local hospital. "He went to the hospital with the knife still in his back," Sheriff Mike Blakely said of Borchert. Wilson was apprehended later that night. The AP did not specify which NCAA Football game was being played, nor did it mention specifically what console was being used, referring to the system only as a "PlayStation."

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