NBA Street V3 Feature Preview

We've got an exclusive movie of the street b-ball title's extensive player-customization features.


NBA Street V3

In the world of street basketball, it's as much about how you look as it is how you handle the ball. After all, showmanship is an integral part of the sport both on and off the court. One look at some of the television specials that have cropped up around this once-ignored urban subset of sports and it's easy to see; in street ball you've got to have game, but you've also got to look the part. The development team responsible for NBA Street V3, the latest entry in EA Sports Big's popular street basketball title, has taken both these notions to heart in developing the game's extensive customization tools that allow you to tweak nearly every aspect of your created baller.

As you'll see in our exclusive NBA Street V3 movie, customization in the latest Street game means choosing not only the physical characteristics of your created player--height, weight, skin tone, face type, and so on--but also the gear you roll in. The choices of clothing, many of which can be purchased in V3's in-game Street Store, are extensive and range from traditional athletic wear, such as current and throwback NBA jerseys, combo jerseys, arm and leg braces, sweatbands, and baggy shorts, to more esoteric apparel like football and hockey jerseys, beanies and, for the bling crowd, an assortment of iced-up jewelry, including watches, necklaces, and earrings. Let's not forget tattoos, as V3 also features five pages of street-ready ink, perfect for the gamer looking to go the Iverson route with his created player.

Looking the part will be all-important in NBA Street V3.
Looking the part will be all-important in NBA Street V3.

Good looks don't count for much if your baller can't bring it on the court. After pimping out your player with the latest gear, you'll want to assign skill points for various player attributes, including steals, blocks, boards, power, and shots. Be careful though, because each attribute upgrade will cost you points from a preset amount of customization points allotted for each created character. The cost of a particular attribute point is closely tied to your created player's physical characteristics. Power attribute points will cost less for a bulky inside player than they would for a lanky shot-maker, for example. Similarly, the cost of speed and jumping attributes will be adjusted either positively or negatively by your baller's weight and height.

What's the biggest benefit of all this customization? Once you've got your ideal street hoops player fully individualized, you'll be able to take him (or her) online via either Xbox Live or PS2 and make a name for yourself against players throughout the online world. We'll have more coverage of NBA Street V3 in the coming weeks as we prepare for the game's tip-off in early February.

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